Author: Vicki Hinze
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-5107-1810-4

May this workbook be helpful and comforting to you and yours—and may you have it and not need it for a very long time!” Vicki Hinze writes in the author’s notes at the beginning of her book, The In-Case-of-Emergency Workbook.

At eighty-eight pages, this flexibound targets those who want a safe place to document and organize their personal, medical, and financial information. After the author's notes and personal information pages to fill out, there are nine sections that cover a myriad of worksheets to complete regarding one’s life in case of an emergency. The ending contains ten tear-out “contact cards” that can be used elsewhere.

Having one place to keep all information on home, property, finances, medical, legal, automobile, personal property, passwords, and personal requests makes life easier for those around us when we are unable to instruct or inform others. I like that this book is concise and to the point with its large blocked areas to fill in data. Plenty of different topics force the book owner to write down information he or she may not think is important but may be at a later date.

Those who have a living will and/or are in close contact with their adult children who are aware of their issues may not have the need for this workbook. Others may feel many subjects were left out such as contacting specific friends,  pastor, priest, or rabbi to handle end of life situations, There are not many lines available in areas regarding credit cards (for those who have more than 4) and investments (only 6 offered) while there is an ample amount of 10 bank accounts.

Since the book seems to be geared more for the person who is unorganized, it did not provide me with any new ideas or information to pass on to my children who are well aware of our wishes. I question stating to put the book in a safe deposit box when the information on where the box location, key, and number are in the book that is to be put inside it.

For those who are interested in keeping track of their financial, medical, and personal status for others to use in case of an emergency, this is a simple-to-use organizer.

Thanks to Bookpleasures and the author for this book that I freely evaluated.