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By Norm Goldman
Published on June 26, 2017

Author: Daniel Milstein

Publisher: Gold Star Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-947165-03-8

Author: Daniel  Milstein

Publisher: Gold Star Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-947165-03-8

Are you aware, as Daniel Milstein points out in his most recent time, Rule #1 DON'T BE #2 that ninety-seven percent of people who have a dream will never realize them while only three percent of those who dreamed about pursing their passion will be successful? How do some people gravitate toward success while others seem to be constantly spinning their wheels and even in some instances barely making ends meet.

Okay, as I began reading this book, I had to ask myself if this this another one that regurgitates well-known principles as to how to succeed in life? Moreover, will I be wasting my time or will it give me some return on my investment in time and money as a result of its ideas and suggestions.

Indeed, Rule #1 DON'T BE #2 surprised me even though Milstein's advice is quite simplistic, it nonetheless  contains a wealth of wisdom exposed in a way that cuts the fat from the bone. As an example I found chapter four particularly useful wherein Milstein emphasizes that you must know your priorities, which are more than a daily or weekly “to do” list; rather, they refer to those things that are most important to us professionally and personally. As he states: “They consist of a guide to create a set of goals that will help us develop a framework to accomplish them. And as we remain focused on our priorities, they also help us continue to make necessary adjustments in order to reach our goals.”

What really caught my eye was the manner in which Milstein's presents his easy to understand step-by-step process by way of twenty-five succinct principles. Skillfully woven into each of the inspiring chapters are powerful short self-evident statements or dictums such as: “You'll have a much greater chance for long-term success by constantly focusing directly on which you want in life,” or “Be bold: Make the First Move: Since most people operate inside the box, the competition outside the box is very low” or “Good luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Bad luck is what happens when lack of preparation meets a challenge.” With these in mind as well as a multitude of takeaways, Milstein teaches us with his keen mindset and road map the know-how for thinking differently to achieve greater results. No doubt, the best way to learn something insightful is usually through a story and Milstein provides his readers with a variety of anecdotal stories of well-known personalities to reinforce his principles.

In the end, I would have to conclude that the book did not disappoint teaching us not only “how to” but from his own personal experiences as well as others, why “it works.” As Milstein points out, it is more than just talent or luck but rather grit, determination, passion to be number one rather than number two, persistence and mindset, formulating ambitious goals, learn from failure, acting decisively, looking at your life through a new lens, rejecting naysayers, doing things faster and better, that makes the difference in whether or not you succeed.


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