Author: Stephen Hawley Martin, Author

Publisher: The Oaklea Press

ISBN: 978-1-5431-3432-2

Martin, author of Life After Death, Powerful Evidence You Will Never Die, opens this book with a very interesting question. (2017, p.9) He asks, “What if you knew you would exist forever?”. Well, I don’t know about you, but forever sounds like a very long time to me. He follows that question with more of the same. “Would it change your outlook? Would you do anything differently?” I’m sure many of us would reply yes.

Stephen speaks about the deathbed mental acuity of patients with mental disorders and those with neurological disorders that have been studied for hundreds of years. He refers to published case studies and other literature regarding patients who had lost their ability to verbally communicate and how this ties into his theory about life after death. (2017, p.13, paraphrase) We have heard many people who had NDE’s (near death experiences) speak about leaving their bodies on the OR (operating room) tables or elsewhere and also about how their senses seem to be heightened during those lapses between life and death.

These studies began in earnest in the 1930’s and primarily focused on the paranormal or that which was not easily understood. (2017, p.39) Duke University in Durham, North Carolina was a frontrunner is this experimentation. Two men who spearheaded this research were William McDoughall and Joseph Banks Rhine. Today this laboratory still exists and still conducts cutting edge research in such mattes of life and death and parapsychology. Lots of data was collected and used to formulate this hypothesis from the Rhine Research Center from mediumship to remote viewing and more. The results have proven to be statistically significant to support this declaration.

This interesting book takes interviews with numerous doctors and other medical professionals and lays out a very good case for the possibility of life as energy that never truly ends, but is continuously recycled. Supposedly you can reincarnate as soon as you die or select any time from that point forward. Many times they (the researchers) have linked birth marks or birth defects or injuries to prior lives and what created the end of that life and the beginning of the current one.

Being totally subjective, the subconscious mind cannot step outside of itself for an objective look. The result is that the subconscious (subjective) mind is entirely under the control of the conscious (objective) mind. As a result, the subconscious will work diligently to support or bring into reality whatever the conscious mind believes to be true.” (2017, p.166) I found the read fascinating and I believe you will too because it kept inviting me to dig deeper into self to consider things that I had dismissed due to religion over science.