Author: Charles T. Tart, PH.D.
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications and Noetic Books
ISBN: 978-1-57224-645-4

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Doctor Tart (Ph.D.), author of The End of Materialism, has authored, edited, and contributed numerous other works over the years. He is faculty in, and founder of, the department of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA. where continues to prove and/or disprove scientific theories with empirical, testable evidence. (2009, back cover) 

In this book Doctor Tart hopes to make the distinction that science and spiritualism are closer than previously anticipated. His research is primarily founded on old theories with new principles about the interaction of mind, body, and spirit. As evidence in this regard he defines reality, religion, science, and skepticism. Reality, according to Tart (2009, p.21) is shaped by our perceptions, emotions, feelings, beliefs, and biases. Doctor Tart tells us that most of our ethical and moral values are religious based. (p.35) Science is grounded in interpretation and observation of data collection and facts. (p.42) Reality, religion, and science are the basis for knowledge creation and personal growth, both of which are further refined over time.  

Science, religion, and reality can be viewed with a tinge of skepticism, but a healthy dose of skepticism should be perceived as a natural, sensible, and rational line of thought. (2009, p.64) Instead of considering those [science, religion, and reality] as separate entities or concepts Dr. Tart suggests that we suspend judgment because studies of paranormal psychology can [and have] provide(d) links from science to our spiritual world. However, in closing, Dr. Tart cautions us with: while those studies [his and others] are largely inconclusive [at least at this time] there is enough data compiled to suggest that they [these studies] cannot be discounted entirely.  

The End of Materialism is written in terms that every person can easily understand. Each example sheds light on the topics Dr. Tart is discussing and can be interwoven with the entire theory he presents as rationale in this book. Case studies link proposed theories in relevant ways such that we question and consider how this interchange of experiences trends similar for all persons across a variety of circumstances. Doctor Tart chapters of discussion touches on telepathy, clairvoyance, remote-viewing, precognition, postcognition, psychokinesis, psychic healing, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, and reincarnation as they relate to spiritualism.  

The End of Materialism would be best read by those with an open mind and a natural desire to ‘know’ the unknown. While it is not possible for us to ‘know’ with 100% certainty there is some compelling evidence offered in this book about how to make sense of the world around/within us.

Click Here To Purchase The End of Materialism: How Evidence of the Paranormal Is Bringing Science and Spirit Together (IONS/ New Harbinger) (Ions / Nhp)