Bani Sodermark (BMS): Hello Klaire D. Roy and welcome to

Klaire D. Roy(KDR): Thank you.

BMS: I would like to ask you, how did you get into spirituality, especially Tibetan spirituality?

KDR: I have always been interested in spirituality and when I was a teenager I read a book from Rampa about the third eye, and my interest in Tibetan spirituality began at that time. When I was in my twenties, in a state of meditation I met a Master that I found many years later, it was Djwhal Khul (DK).

BMS: You said in your book that your husband was the one who led you to DK. How did that happen? If that is not being too personal.

KDR: I met DK in my meditation two years before I met my husband. DK (before I know it ‘was him) told me that I would meet a master on the physical plane and that he would later be my husband.  So, I met Simhananda and I then began courses with him ( my husband) who is now one of my spiritual teachers.  He spoke about this master during one of his courses and I realized that it was probably Djwhal Khul. I decided to talk about him with Simhananda. He was surprised and he asked me to show him some of the notes that I had taken during my meditations when DK talked to me. After he read some of the transmissions that I had received, he confirmed that it was DK. Since this time I have 6 note books full of his transmissions. One day, we want to publish them. Later, I began to study the books of Alice Bailey.

BMS: Who is DK in reality, what is his real name? How does he know what he knows?

KDR: D.K. is a great Tibetan Master. He lives in a physical body in the north eastern region of Tibet (now a part of China). He is more than two hundred years old. He can change his appearance when he travels to areas that may be dangerous for him. The Chinese administration is very much against religion and Buddhism, and so he must at times change his appearance and he never divulges his real name. He is a great Master and his knowledge comes from a high level of consciousness, a level that is very difficult for us to comprehend. He is devoted to humanity and rarely interferes with the karma of his disciples.

BMS: How did you meet DK in person? Did you plan or did it just happen? Was it in India?

KDR: The first time was in Tibet but for his protection I prefer not to reveal the exact place. It wasn’t planned and it really took me by surprise, I cried the whole time, He held my hand and talked to me. He spoke about my future and if you don’t mind I would like to keep it personal.

BMS: How did he ask you to write Circle of Initiates? Have you written other books dictated by him?

KDR: First, He asked me to work with him, I refused twice and the third time, he had asked me to write a small passage which can be found in The New Tantrism. Afterwards he asked me to write Circle of Initiates in order to help people better understand the influence of the rays in their lives. I have written three books on the New Tantrism dictated by DK. My husband has an ashram in Montréal and at one point DK regularly gave information to the group of students there or to some people in particular within the group, and this information was revealed in that series of books.  

BMS: Is the second book of Circle of Initiates a part of these three books? When will the second "Circle .." be released?

KDR: New Tantrism is a series apart from Circle of Initiates. It will probably take a few years before the second Circle is released in English as it is not yet out in French.

BMS: Can one find one's level of initiation? How does DK assign a number to initiation level?

KDR: If we study the information given by DK, we can figure out a little bit what our initiation level is, but people often think that they are higher in initiation that they are in reality. DK is more precise and he just transmits the information. Sometimes I don’t agree with or don’t understand why a personality is so high in initiation. When that happens, He always takes the time to explain to me why the initiation level is so high or sometimes so low.

BMS: What is the meaning of an initiation with decimal points? Can I find my own level of initiation? If so,how?

KDR: Between each major initiation, exist ten minor initiations. It’s not easy to gain an initiation and each minor initiation is important. Sometimes it takes one or two lives to succeed and gain one decimal point of initiation because with each initiation we have to master an aspect of ourselves that’s difficult to master. It’s a challenge and often we are not in a hurry to really change.  

To find your own level of initiation you have to study your behaviour, truly, without the desire to be perfect. In the next book, I will give some hints about the initiations and how to find the level. But, DK explains the initiations in his book about The Rays and the Initiations.

BMS: Does initiation apply to countries as well? Give examples for USA,India, Canada, France, Sweden, UK

KDR: Yes, but I never asked DK to tell me what are the initiations of differents countries. I will probably ask him for the next book.

BMS: Describe the process of writing the book.

KDR: Most of the time, DK simply asks me to write information about a personality. Other times, Simhananda asks for information about a personality and with the ok from DK, we (DK and me) write information about the rays of a specific personality. I just sit in front of my computer or in front of my note book and I hear the voice of DK tell me what to write. Sometimes I ask questions or for more explanations. He always takes time to answer me.

BMS: Did you feel that the text was judgmental in any way? Did you question its veracity? What was DK's response if any?

KDR: I am a skeptical person and sometimes I don’t agree with or I have doubts about what he said. When it’s there, I do research to verify the veracity of some information (dates, past incarnations...)
But I have realized that I principally doubt myself, doubts about my capacity to be a good” transmitter’ for him.
I am always conscious when I receive information, it’s not channelling.

BMS: What is your greatest aspiration with this work?

KDR: For me? Just to do a good job for my Masters (DK and Simhananda), only they know the real purpose of this work, I’m only an instrument in theirs hands and I hope to be a good one.

BMS: What was the hardest part of writing this book?

KDR: To be always concentrated on what DK said, to stay open and not judge or doubt myself or what he said. Being always available and focused on his work.

BMS: What part was the easiest?

KDR: I don’t know. The energy transmitted while writing the information is a gift, and it has helped me to do my job but I think the easiest part was the realization that DK is with me, he helps me to understand my life more and the significance, the purpose of the lives of certain personalities. It’s magic for me to hear him explain the “what” or “the real purpose” behind the actions of different people.

BMS: Was there any specific reason for choosing these 109 personalities?

KDR:The number is important. I’m not able to explain the significance because I don’t know numerology very well, but I know this number symbolizes a beginning. I have to say, in the beginning, we wanted to choose 108 personalities because 108 is a sacred number, a mala, but with the election in the USA we decided to put Hilary Clinton, so there are now 109 personalities in the book.

BMS: How does this book relate to your later work on the occult and tantric thought?

KDR: My relationship with DK has changed my way of understanding the universe and humanity. I’m only an instrument, a tool in his hands and this book makes me realize that the Masters are there to help us understand more about who we are and the role that souls play here on earth. We are not alone, we are a brotherhood who works for the evolution of all humanity and I’m thankful for this realization, it has changed the way I see now, the meaning of Life on earth.

BMS: .Explain Tantric training in the age of ray 7.

KDR: In the age of ray 7, tantric training will be more mental and not based solely on physical sexuality. Tantrism is a kind of yoga that means ‘way’ or ‘road’ to the attainment of a higher level of consciousness. During the age of ray 7, yes sexuality will be very active, and people will be easily trapped by this kind of energy, but the new tantrism will teach them how to bypass the entrapments of sexuality and master its energies with the focus being on the higher chakras rather than the lower. There will be mental techniques and a better comprehension of the energy we need in order to evolve.

BMS: Who are in the Council of the Five? What do they do?

KDR: I think you are referring to the Conclave of 7?  The Conclave of 7 consists of 7 great masters. Some like D.K. are from our planet, but some like Avgaard come from another system more evolved than ours. They work together in order to inspire humanity towards a greater realization of the true meaning of life, to help us understand that we are not alone in this Universe and that we must learn and progress together.

If you are referring to The Group of 5, they are a group of lithotherapists who write books about stones and their influence on our various bodies.

BMS: You have written a book on Quartztherapy. Was that also channeled by DK?

KDR: DK supported me and inspired me for ”Quartztherapy but it wasn’t dictated by him..

BMS: Explain Quartztherapy.

KDR: Quartztherapy is a specific healing approach that uses principally quartz as a means to greater health. Quartz by nature resonates with the etheric body, which is for me, one of the most important bodies that we possess, for without this body we cannot survive on earth. It is the link between each of our bodies, and it is with this body that we construct the antakarana, the bridge between ourselves and our soul. Quartz is used to cleanse the meridians and the ethereal aura, and to transmit prana and energy to the etheric body.

BMS: What projects lie ahead?

KDR: The second book of The Circle of Initiates, volume 2 of Conclave of the Cryptic Seven, and the note books.  

BMS: Thank you Klaire D. Roy for an interesting and quite illuminating conversation.  There are many more questions  that I have, but  they could wait for another time.

Final Words by Swami Simhananda:

The enlightened inspiration for this book comes from the prodigious literary outflow of the Hierarchical Master Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan, (which is a nom de plume and not his real name).

His literary amanuensis for the present epoch, the first quarter of the 21st Century, is a clairvoyant woman whose real name, is Klaire D. Roy.

As a conscious and conscientious scribe for Master Djwhal Khul, she delves into a scientific analysis of the rays and their structural schemes, as brought out into applicatory effect by the Monad, Soul, Personality, Mental, Astral and Physical bodies of those individuals, who are here considered to be upon the distinguished list of the “Circle of Initiates, Past and Present”.

May Master Djwhal Khul’s perceptive commentaries on individuals and their point of evolution; help metamorphose the transformative making of the spiritual man, (finally), into that of a world Initiate.

Final words by Djwal Khul:

Those who know me will immediately understand that the purpose of this treatise is not to evoke curiosity, nor to encourage the comparison of those initiates who are found therein. In any case, I do not wish to impress, nor influence, whomsoever at all. I graciously accepted to write this primarily exploratory book, in order that the human consciousness opens itself to new perspectives, which will permit man to better understand and appreciate the complete complexity and intelligible immensity that inhabits us all.

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