Author: Ellie Douglas

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN-10: 1543209912; ISBN-13: 978-1543209914

Adult coloring books have soared to the heights of popularity in recent years, testifying to the degree of stress to which most of us are subject, and from which we urgently desire to escape. In fact, such works have become so popular that many head up their respective categories on Amazon. Fortunately, there are very many designers out there who are eager to supply such a market, one of whom is the Kiwi-born and bred book cover designer and author of horror tales, Ellie Douglas. Her range of coloring-in books for adults extends in subject matter from animals, through fairies, unicorns and mermaids, to zombies, the latter of which bears the forbidding warning “Adults Only” so beware any youngster who dares try wield their wax crayons in this direction! Though sea life abounds, in many different forms, no snakes are present―remember that New Zealand is well- reputed for having no land snakes!

Douglas has a lively imagination, as can be seen in her promotion of the unreal (yet alone the undead!), and an empathetic ear for adult woes and stressors (no doubt having many of her own, including her four children). But, even though children can, at times, be taxing, they do help to keep the child alive in us all. No wonder Douglas has such keen insights into what makes (at least the vast majority of) us tick!

Animal Wonderland: Coloring for Adults provides several full-page drawings of such animals as frogs, elephants and bats, as well as of the heads of others, including an extremely alert-looking ostrich and a keen-eyed fox. She even goes so far as throwing a marvelously bewinged dragon into the mix! Delightful, entertaining and relaxing these pages will surely prove, so much so that you are quite likely to try her other coloring-in books, too.

Douglas rounds off her work by inviting her readers to explore her numerous onsite contact points, including her website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages, for which she provides the necessary details, so, if you feel inspired to contact her, and to provide some positive and constructive feedback, you can easily get hold of her online. She also invites suggestions as to additional subjects on which she can focus in upcoming coloring books for adults, so don your thinking caps and share any ideas that you might have in this regard―she’ll be only too happy to respond.