Author: Marsha Sinetar

Publisher: 2016 Marsha Sinetar

ISBN: 9781535544108

                              Holy Dreams and their Import

Some twenty years ago, while looking for a professional opening, I read Marsha Sinetar’s book entitled Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow. The mindset displayed in the book indicated a deeply holistic line of thought based on the flow of life, an attitude glaringly and delightfully different from the conventional arguments prevailing at the time, of the need to be self-sufficient, no matter what. It provided fuel to my search that began around that time, for a new approach to life, a departure from the compulsive pull of the ego to justify my existence to the world by getting a regular job. To a way of life based more on the flow, and attuned to the rhythms of Life. My search continues, but increasingly often as the years go by, I find people echoing the need to live the kind of life as evidenced in the books by Marsha Sinetar.

The above summing up is equally relevant to the present book. Marsha Sinetar looks for convincing ways to bypass conventional religion and its symbols, preferring to search elsewhere for keys to what genuine spirituality can offer. In this book, she delves into the subject of dreams. She chooses to see what she calls “dreams in transcended sleep” as  messages of invaluable guidance from our Higher Selves, messages that we are not receptive to, when we are in our beta states of conscious awareness.

It is an accepted fact that we all have a life purpose. Even though we may not know what it is. It is also accepted that each of us have a soul that is our hotline to the Infinite Mind. In the author’s own words,

We are….born to infuse our world with the climate of the Celestial, not in some ethereal way, but where the rubber hits the road of our daily doings”. It is in the above quest for self-actualization that dreams can play a seminal role. That is the landscape this book seeks to explore.

The text is divided into two parts. In the first, the author deals with the characteristics of a holy dream, how to recognize one and the significant information they can provide. To prove her point, she draws upon many examples from the Bible along with several case studies. The second part, is devoted to the interpretation of dreams, the importance of words and symbols and how the correct interpretation of a dream, can affect an individual’s outer life according to the adage “As above, so below”.

There is a religious organization called “Eckankar” which sees dreams in the way the author  is attempting to do. However, the not inconsiderable literature of that organization is based  more or less on the symbols of the organization. The Eckankar books on dreams are very easily read, as they are almost completely based on case studies. Marsha Sinetar’s work might appeal more to a non-denominational person, interested in learning how to tap into certain abilities  that s/he does not know that s/he has. Important also to note that the author emphasizes the concept of the Higher Self as one with the individual, not as an external appendage or as a master or guru.

This book is not a fast read. The language is exquisite and the text adorned  with a number of very telling metaphors. Overall, a book to be read and reread to fathom its import.

Warmly recommended.