Editor: Richard Houghton

Pyblisher: Red Planet Zone

ISBN:  978-1-9059-5

This book is actually compilation of many peoples thoughts on the Beatles as they began and then took over the world with their amazing songs and music. It outlines their early years and the not so hot places they played and how accessible or not they were at that time. Obviously because it is many people’s first hand accounts of how the Beatles evolved into what they finally became it is subjective.

The editor, Mr. Houghton, apparently invited people to submit their thoughts on the Beatles as he placed them in chronological order into this lengthy book. He did not edit their words for correct grammar or proper sentence structure which made it a bit hard for me to read and want to come back to. However, that said, I love love love The Beatles and was interested in what they did in the beginning of their careers and how they came to be the world sensation they became.

There are snippets from early music critics who frequented the clubs the Beatles played in England and Germany and how they began to generate a following. Some of the accounts of the various characters the Beatles band comprised are interesting insights into what changed as they gained fame and recognition on the world stage. The Beatles were not always the coy well-dressed young men that I saw on the Ed Sullivan show here in America. They had a wild and unpredictable side that only got tamed over time and when they settled into solid relationships with their love interests.

Some of the other things that I enjoyed about this book were the pictures and the ticket stubs and posters saved by the contributors of this book along the way. Great swaths of history in the making can be gleaned from those extra inserts. I also noted that some of the contributors were very young tweenagers when they snuck into these clubs to watch the Beatles or were allowed during certain times of the day unaccompanied by an adult.

Would I rush out to buy this book? Probably not, but I did learn a lot about the Beatles as I read the various notes from the people who followed them as they took off into the stratosphere and became rock and roll legends we know them as today.