Author: Elan Mastri.

Publisher: Penquin/Random House. .

ISBN: 9781101985137

Realities are what we believe and when someone changes that and creates a way that we can achieve something different than what is normal or perceived by others you might find yourself in a world that you think you recognize but do not. Tom Barren, is our narrator and time traveler that will allow readers to join him inside the time machine invented by his famous and well-renowned father. Tom lives in a world that is not the same as the one we see or live in. In Tom’s world there are flying cars, robots to handle daily activities, jet packs and you can learn how to teleport from place to place as long as you are careful and know how to measure distances.

The hero of our story is a man named Lionel Goetrreider who believe it or not invented a time machine that can convert the earth’s rotation into unlimited and free energy. Tom decided to use his father’s time machine and this is where things and events go haywire. He tampered with the machine and what the author refers to as the space -time continuum. Our world will no longer be able to achieve the technological advances that we need in order to create a better and more technological world. Imagine coming into a world that is foreign to you with technology that we all use like iPhones and flying cars. Tom is chosen to go on this mission with his father’s team so whatever happens will change the lives of people who were never born because of his mishaps.

The author gives us a mini biography of Tom’s life with his parents as his mother was his mainstay and he was her confidant and therapist you might say. His father is caught up in his own world of technology and trying to become the greatest at creating this time machine at the expense of his mother who wound up alone in her own world, depressed and dies a tragic death. However, dreams change and realities become what you want them to be when Tom arrives in our world and his mother’s life is different and his father is no longer the same genius in the past but a physics professor in need of his coordination fixed. In his real time he goes to his mother’s funeral and after laments with several women to ease his pain. Tom will come face to face with the two faces or two Toms as he has to decide where he belongs and what is reality really is. Training along with Penelope the end result is not what he expects and will change it all for both of them.

Tom is impetus and one night with Penelope ruins it all for him, his relationship and the mission, as it has to be cancelled. When she learns the reason she decides to take her own life in a graphic and unpleasant ways, as the reader will learn.

Tom was determined to learn more about this year but in reality what happens not only changes the original experiment but also at the end sends him forward in time to 2016 but not in the same 2016 that he left. His mother is alive, he is in the hospital and his name is John not Tom and his parents have different careers. He even has a sister named Greta that tries to explain to his parents that his telling of the events that transpired were chapters in a novel that he was writing and what he is relating never really happened.

Except it did in his universe and maybe even ours but this is just the beginning of his new life and experiences as John/Tom meets Penny/Penelope in this other world. Tom is conflicted as he relives the past world in his mind and the present which is taking place at the same time as the future world without all of the technology, flying cars and advanced cars and computers that we wish we had now in our present. Meeting the new Penny who owns a book store called Print is Dead, becoming involved with her, dealing with a sister that was never born yet quite alive and a mother who is devoted to a father who is no longer a genius or totally committed to time travel, we wonder just what is his reality and where does he belong?

Lionel Goettreider is alive and John/Tom is in his home. The conversation deals about his invention and the author reminds us of the Goettreider Engine and that Tom activated it in order to get into the world he is now in. Talking about the day the experiment failed, many were supposed to die and the end result as the author reminds readers about the affair he had with Ursula and her husband Jerome who later finds out about her and Lionel

 Elan Mastai recreates the experiment and takes all of us along with John/Tom back to the date when Lionel was testing an experimental power source for a group of colleagues at a research lab in California. This is a story that will get readers to wonder what is reality, what did really happen to Tom, did he really go back to several time periods and was it his imagination that created and changed what the idea of what civilization could be, fixed a perfect model and place and then made it happen? Will he live in the world with Penny, his parents, sister and Lionel or will he go back to where it all began? Who wrote the novel? Who wanted Tom to know himself? How many of us can say that we have never had and will have in the future to think about: ALL OUR WRONG TODAYS!