Author: Klaire D. Roy

Publisher: Orange Palm Publications

ISBN: 978-0-9809694-7-4

This is a difficult book to read, at least at the first go.

Its’ contents, according to the author, have been dictated to her by a living Tibetan master. whom she calls Djwha Khul (D.K.), and who prefers to remain secluded from the masses. D.K., (not his real name) has also claimed to have channeled information through Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky in this very book.

In her famous book “A Treatise on the Seven Rays”, Alice  Bailey had put forward a study on the seven rays which make us what we are, and map the road that lies ahead of us on the evolutionary ladder. Further study on the rays and their influence on humanity did not continue as “at that time humanity showed little interest in seriously working on itself.” D.K. claims that today man is more prepared to embark on a serious study of the influence of the rays and that this study would offer, without contest, “a whole new look at Man, and throw a fresh perspective upon what exactly constitutes a human being and what qualities make him universal.”

After a few introductory remarks by the author’s spouse, Swami Simhananda and D.K., the author goes on to analyze the ray make-up of 109 well known personalities who have made an impact on world history. This make-up is based on a ray analysis of the following four constituents of a human being, viz.,  the physical body, the astral body, the mental body and the personality, each of whose expression is ruled by a specific ray and a sub-ray. The influence of the monad (another name for Spirit), the Soul and the degree of initiation (a measure of spiritual maturity) attained by the person plays a major role in the ray-expression of the above bodies. Preceding the analysis of the ray make-up of the well-known personalities, under study, D.K. mentions a few important aspects of their origin, the spiritual hurdles faced by them, and in some cases, their mission in this lifetime. For each person so chosen, there is a three to four page life-analysis on the basis of the concerted expressions of the seven rays and sub-rays in the different bodies associated with the subject, given a specific degree of initiation and soul development.

In the second part of the book, the author explores in some depth, the seven rays, their meaning and how they reflect  the degree of initiation and the soul development of a person under study. The seven rays are very briefly delineated as follows:

Ray 1: The Leader incarnating Will and Power

Ray 2: The Leader incarnating Love and Wisdom

Ray 3: The Leader incarnating Activity, Adaptability and Active Intelligence

Ray 4: The Leader incarnating Harmony, Beauty and Art

Ray 5: The Leader incarnating Concrete Knowledge and Science

Ray 6: The Leader incarnating Abstract Idealism and Devotion

Ray 7: The Leader incarnating Ceremonial Order or Magic

It is evident that each of these rays symbolize an aspect of truth. How they work together in a person’s various bodies, determines his/her life-path.

At the end is a list of many individuals who will be studied in the next volume of this series.

To quote D.K. from his introduction as to the purpose of this book:

After a comprehensive reading of this book, it is my earnest wish that you look upon yourself and life in a fresh new way… most especially regarding the esoteric subject of Initiations, which most people in the past have consistently misinterpreted to their own personally-biased advantage. The process of Initiation can now be correctly gauged and interpreted in the interest of the greater well-being and evolutionary benefit of every sentient being.”

This material is not New Age as it deals with the nature of consciousness and not how to live a better life. Yet consciousness research could profit greatly from this book due to the intense interest in mystical and occult phenomena that the world is experiencing today even as faith in organized religion is crumbling. If what D.K. says is true, we will be looking at history in a whole new light as we analyze our heroes and heroines from the past and present from this new perspective. Even if one does not accept the veracity of D.K.’s words, the stories and  connections between people as a result of ray analysis are fascinating and eye- opening. They could initiate a lot of  follow up research to uncover unseen truths tucked away in its extensive text.

Unequivocally recommended.