Author: Debbra Lynn

Beyond The Red Carpet

Debbra Lynn E-book Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9949873-0-3

The main characters for Beyond The Red Carpet are; Sophia, Marcus, and Cat. As the story opens Sophia and Cat are catering a big party for a very important producer in Hollywood, CA. The home is opulent and the guest are mostly tanked. Cat and Sophia navigate serving trays filled with an array of appetizers around a pool in the back yard of this amazing home while guests skinny dip and snort cocaine off the bodies of each other. One particularly handsome guest catches the eye of Sophia. His name is Marcus.

Both Sophia and Cat are lovely women in their twenties when they first met at the Hollywood catering soiree. They worked for the same company, but had previously not met. Their family backgrounds could not have been more different. Cat never met her dad until she was in her twenties and Sophia had a loving family filled with secure warm memories. Cat is more bawdy and sexually liberal than Sophia, but they hit it off as unlikely best friends.

Marcus and Sophia begin a torrid romance that only lasts a scant few months before it ends in matrimony. To the public they seem like the most amazing couple. They are dedicated to and totally in love with one another. However, Sophia soon learns that appearances are not always what it’s like on the inside. Sophia’s constant companion and confidant is Cat. Oftentimes they three, Sophia, Marcus, and Cat, have plans together and all seem innocent enough, or are they?

Marcus and Sophia have a few years of bliss before things begin to take a turn for the worse. Marcus always has been a womanizer of sorts. Sophia never knew this about him. He is also quite the jealous husband and dislikes when Sophia is even the slightest bit friendly with another man. He has occasionally become abusive to her and she fears others close to her as well, yet Sophia still finds herself enthralled with him. They still manage to keep appearances of happiness for the public which is a stretch for anyone who has been to the Hollywood scene.

Marcus has a series of affairs. Each time he stifles the women as the affair ends. Most of his ex-lovers fear him greatly. Sophia only learns this way late in the game. The book flashes back from when Sophia and Marcus first get together and how happy their life was. Then it moves forward to the present. Marcus and Cat have been having an affair. Marcus does not want to leave Sophia because he stands to lose a sizeable portion of his portfolio. Cat is impatient. They plot to kill Sophia. Conversely, Sophia has found out about them and she plots to kill them too.

Who dies? Who lives? This book was a real page turner and I loved every word of it! I think you will too.