Author: Robert Lane

Publisher: Mason Alley Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-69267-044-6

Robert Lane has written several novels. (2016, insert from publicist) He hails from Florida and has won The Gold Medal from the Independent Book Publishers Association in 2015 and the Best New voice for Fiction in the Benjamin Franklin Award, also 2015. (Second Letter; 2016, Back cover) You can learn more about this impressive author on his website.

Robert Lane, like some other successful authors, has constructed a main character that he can carry through several novels. His name is Jake Travis. Jake is a pretty cool guy who lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida and works at a variety of things, but appears to be a good PI. Jake has a side-kick, Morgan, who lends him a hand when required.

The narrative begins with a couple named the Andersons, Karl and Riley. They are holed up in a swanky hotel in the ABC Islands. They have been working for a man/organization that is not run totally above board. Karl was their accountant and he noticed some anomalies. He and Riley approached the FBI with this information who whisked them off to protect them before their case could go to trial. Karl meets an untimely, but not unexpected, death and Riley escapes thanks to Karl’s quick thinking. Eventually, Riley makes her way back to Florida where she hooks up with Jake thanks to a quick acquaintance Karl met in the ABC’s and asks for his assistance in getting the man/men who killed her husband.

Reluctantly, Jake embraces helping Riley. He places Riley in another swanky hotel on the Saint Pete Beach while he does some keen undercover work to determine who her enemies are and why they felt compelled to kill them. It turns out that this is a very convoluted and dicey tale to unfurl. However, Jake is equal to the task.

Jake plants himself as a person of interest in this cross continental sting and then learns who the real players are and what is at stake. His friend Morgan at his side, but at a distance also helps. As the pieces to the puzzle begin to fit together the FBI gets behind him thanks to a friend Jake has who works there. However, there is a mole in the FBI who alerts the enemy at every interval and Jake must learn how to extricate himself from this growing pot of rot. Can he do it? Will he survive? What are the stakes? Who is involved and what do they stand to gain?

I really enjoyed reading this book and believe that Robert Lane is an amazing author who I will read again. His characters are fun and engaging. The story is compelling, filled with action, and a real page turner. I found it hard to put down once I got to know the players. Great job Robert Lane!