Author: Jill Hesson

Publisher: Jill Hesson

ASIN: B01M30V2E1

                         A Practical Spirituality Package for Beginners

This is an ebook on spirituality in modern living.

Most of us who have been brought up in a strictly religious environment have experienced the inadequacy of the ultra devout mindset and are out looking for better ways to slake their thirst for a spiritually viable way of life more suited to their individual needs.. If, by any chance, you have stumbled upon this book while seeking for answers, look no further. It presents a surprising amount of esoteric information,as it combines three books in one. The first is a description of the chakra system of the human body which is an interface between our physical and emotional bodies. The  second book focuses on yoga and meditation. It is designed to inform us of some simple physical postures and mental exercises, which when conjoined together, can get us to see through the gaps of physical reality and glimpse another that lies beyond. The third book is on Buddhism and consists mostly of a set of injunctions on right living and the hows and whys of the same. The last book provides exercises for the soul and focuses also on integrating the material mentioned above.

As mentioned above, the first book deals with the chakra system of the human body. Herein, the author explores each of the seven chakras, i.e., their locations and functions, the color and sound associated with each and how to balance and heal them using mindfulness, meditation and yoga postures. The author also takes up the subject of healing chakras using colored stones. There is also a chapter on how to cleanse these stones of negative energies before they can be used. Finally the author talks of the relation of chakras to the aura and suggests  exercises that could facilitate seeing the aura for the average person who wishes to do so.

The second book starts with the concept of yoga, defining it as a yoke  joining the trinity of Body, Mind and  Soul. After enumerating the various advantages of the physical discipline that a daily yoga practice involves, e.g. better fitness, weight loss, better sleep and stress alleviation, the author spells out a four week long program that a beginner can use to incorporate yoga into one’s lifestyle and reap its’ manifold benefits. The author stresses the importance of calming down, focusing attention on your breath, starting slow and to be mindful of the body before trying out difficult postures.

The third book deals with the philosophical aspect of Life. According to the author, this means walking on a path to finding peace and experiencing enlightenment in one’s life. To this end, the author advocates following the Eightfold Path of Buddhism, through a combined practice of mindfulness, genuine humility and compassion. A twice daily practice of meditation in consonance with breathing exercises is strongly recommended. The importance of mindfulness and meditation in this book cannot be overemphasized.

This book is quite content-heavy. Most of this material has been put out there in the modern content rich ebooks in the market. What makes this book special is that it is transparently clear that the author practices what she preaches and has embossed her individualized stamp on the material, the result of years of practicing mindfulness and meditation. This stamp outweighs some imperfections in the book, e.g. slides depicting yoga postures are not always completely self explanatory.

All in all, a great book to start the beginner on his/her spiritual journey.

Warmly recommended.