Author: James Grippando

Publisher: Nightstand Press


James Grippando, author of The Penny Jumper, has written numerous books. (Gone Again, Cash Landing, Cane and Abe, Black Horizon, Blood money, Need You Now, Afraid of the Dark, Money to Burn, Intent to Kill, Born to Run, Last Call, Lying with Strangers, When Darkness Falls, Got the Look, Hear no Evil, Last to Die, Beyond Suspicion, A King’s Ransom, Under Cover of Darkness, Found Money, The Abduction, The Informant, The Pardon, and Leapholes, 2016 inside front cover) He resides in Coral Gables, Florida with his wife and family.

The main characters of this novel are a young genius woman named Ainsley who earned her PhD at the age of sixteen, a devious wealthy man who travels the globe making more money named Vladimir, and Ainsley’s old flame, Connor, who is an attorney. The book opens with Ainsley and her mother. Ainsley’s mother was a brilliant astrophysicist who dies way too you, but she introduced her to the cosmos. Ainsley became an astrophysicist, like her mother, hailing from Cambridge University.

Ainsley had been working on a project to build the world’s largest telescope when she was approached to work for a big Wall Street firm writing code that could help them bridge the gaps between trade execution times. They offered Ainsley so much money that she simply could not turn it down. She travelled between New York City and Cambridge weekly so she could also keep abreast of her telescope project while working on this impressive and ground breaking code.

As the plot thickens Ainsley finds herself in the thick of an FBI investigation that leads to her arrest. She has no idea to what depths certain people will go to use her code to change the trading landscape and profit from untold amounts of money while also putting other trading firms out of business. She spends her first ever night in a detention facility that propels her to work fastidiously toward clearing her previously good name and restoring her place of research at Cambridge.

I loved this book from the first page of the Prologue. The words of Grippando crystalized a visual of mother-daughter that was so filled with love. They two were a team. The first chapter picked up after the death of Ainsley’s mother where Ainsley was completing the code that would set the plot into motion.

I was previously a trader and can appreciate the subject matter of this novella and how it would rearrange how trades might be made across the world. It was well written and researched. The plot was believable and kept you on the edge of your seat. The characters were likeable with the exception of Vlad, but every work must have a villan. I simply could not put it down. I read it in my free time in two days and was actually sorry to see it end.

Great job James Grippando! I enjoyed the glimpses into your new works at the end of this novella. I have not read your works before, but will seek them out now!