Author: Mike Guardia, Author

Illustrations by Melanie Stephens

Publisher: Willow Clubhouse Books

ISBN: 978-1-939688-15-6

Mike Guardia, author of It’s Snowing In Hawaii, has previously won awards for his writing. (2016, inside) He is a historian and father of two girls. This is his first children’s book. He lives in Texas.

I loved the illustrations in this book. Melanie Stephens did a wonderful job of creating a fun book to look at for children and adults. Thank you!

Oh me, oh my, it’s snowing in Hawaii.” This is page one along with an illustration of the breaking news for Honolulu. The newscaster wearing Hawaiian shirt and lei is scratching his head because this is something that has never occurred before.

The children are Polynesian wearing parkas and gloves building snowmen wearing grass skirts along the shoreline. “The kids enjoy their snow day, the first they’ve ever had.”

Instead of surfing the kids have donned their snowmobiles and are racing along the beaches covered in snow. The pictures of these are fun and lighthearted.

Overall, I enjoyed this short, 26 page long, book and would have fun reading it to kids. It’s out just in time for Christmas. So maybe add it to your children’s reading list or stuff it in a stocking.