Author: Ruth Tuttle Conrad
Publisher: Authentic Publishing
ISBN:  978-1-934068-75-5

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Anti-feminists have gone back to the beginning of human existence in an attempt to prove their superiority over women.  They claim that since God made woman from a man’s rib, she is forever his slave.  They like to forget men were made out of dirt.  Book after book has been published to prove the right to domineer over women; chocked full of bible scriptures to prove a faulty idea right.  Where are the other books, the ones that prove all those men wrong and use the Bible to set the record straight?  Designer Women is such a book.

Ruth Tuttle Conrad reminds us all that women are made in God’s image, imago dei, just as men are and therefore are as equal to the gifts and joys of God as any man. Conrad has been at the work of figuring out women’s relationship with God, especially her own, almost all her life.  Unsatisfied with the patronizing answers of all male preachers, she has studied the Bible herself and found very different answers. 

Designing Women serves to empower women by reminding them of women in the Bible who served God and was as well-treated and respected as any man by the God who loves us all.  The book tells about eleven women and how their obedience served God’s will.  For example, Zipporah circumcised her own son to save her husband’s life and fulfill God’s design for her.  Ruth left her own people to help the person she loved and God rewarded her beyond understanding.

These tales are wonderful not only because of the inspiriting messages, but also by how Conrad takes the Bible and uses it to prove that women are also God’s precious children.  She used the ancient texts and translates the truth, often forgotten.  Eve is called ezer in the Hebrew texts and this word is only ever used to mean the person is equal or superior to those she aids.  When the Holy Spirit filled the followers at the Pentecost, women as well as men spoke in tongues.  Conrad goes to great lengths to correct years of repression and does very well.

Even more inspiring is how she uses her stories to encourage women of today.  She relates these long ago women to us, showing how they were basically as we are now, struggling in life and seeking God.  Conrad also fills the text with reassurances.  God loves us all and has a mission for each of us.  We are not alone.  No matter a woman’s faith, we all need those reassurance.

Read this book with a group of women and revel in your power.  Be inspired and uplifted, share with your sisters and pledge to live the life God wants of you.

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