Author: Jayne Ann Krenz

Publisher: Berkley

ISBN:  978-0399174490


Charlotte Sawyer works at a senior center and is dealing with a group of residents that are creating their own original memoirs to be read by family and friends. They are called Write Your Life memoirs and she is working with this group at Rainy Creek Retirement Village. This is a workshop she introduced when accepting the position of director of social and educational activities. Meet spunky, smart and astute Ethel Deeping whose memoir has sparked some controversy within the group as members are complaining that her startling ending is pure fiction when claiming to have killed off her husband. But, she  stands firm in her convictions and claims that when the ending comes out and the final draft is written she just might be telling the truth.

Rainy Creek provides for Charlotte an outlet for her teaching skills, and her ability to realize that she has much to offer to these amazing people. The story gets more interesting as Charlotte tries to connect with her stepsister only to learn that she has fallen off the radar and might not be attending the retreat that she signed up for. Louise Flint went to learn more about an evidence box related to a rape case and when meeting with the person that had it she winds up dead. Her cousin enlists the services of Max Cutler and here is where Charlotte’s world  and the investment company’s world connect. Max learns more about Jocelyn from Charlotte and decides to allow her to work with him in order to solve not only what happened to Louise but the rest of the investment group. The story unfolds as they research and investigate why Louise went to find the evidence box, who else was involved and come face to face with Egan Briggs the detective on the case who for superficial purposes appears to care about the case and wants to be kept informed. The evidence box was missing and other links to the case disappeared but this man was dangerous and they would soon learn the lengths he would go to in order to stop what they started. Added in meet his wife Roxanne who is not as naïve  as she appears to be. 

 The members of the investment club are Madison Benson the founder, Victoria Mathis in marketing at a local sportswear company, Louise Flint who was and Jocelyn and Emily Kelly. All five are in this together but who will live to collect? Emily is in human resources and works for a local tech company. Madison is an expert at investing but when things come to light about her you won’t believe what is revealed. Louise goes to Loring to find the evidence box that is related to what happened to Jocelyn years ago. Someone wants them all dead and when Max and Charlotte go to meet with Emily who was going into hiding and learning that Madison said the five members could do much more than donating to the women’s shelter they could punish the men who got away with abusing their wives and kids by ruining their reputations. Their goal was to make sure the abusers would look over their shoulders forever and never have a moments peace. However, her sister never knew about this and just where was she and was she another victim of this killer?

Davis Decatur is Max’s real father and he was still trying to figure out how to warn Brooke about Gatley when Charlotte came up with a viable solution but will it work? Going to find Victoria lead them to the fact that she was drugged when they arrived and some sabotaged her heater causing her become unconscious and the killer hoped dead. Lucky for her Max and Charlotte got there in time but will she live? Finding her sister was paramount and when she did they shared information and her sister swears no one followed her and she kept looking in her rearview mirror and saw no one. Madison was talking to Jocelyn but what happens next brings to light just how desperate and greedy someone really is as Jocelyn learns. When Max and Charlotte come together with his father Anson they discuss the fact that he needs another investigator and a receptionist bringing the conversation to Trey Greenslade, his past and relationship to Loring –Greenslade Biotech and as a pharmaceutical rep, he could call on doctors and as vice president be able to entertain accounts. Chapter 54 exposes it all as we learn just who is behind the death of Louise Flint, just what role Briggs played as the detective in charge of the case and why Flint who brought the evidence hid it in her storage locker and now the killer expects Jocelyn to hand it over. This killer was not done yet and another member of the team would be dead and when the final pieces come together and the truth is revealed will someone else pay, will the real killer of Gordon Greenslade be caught and what was the reason behind his murder and who thinks they are getting away with it this time and why? An ending that is startling and a senior citizen that literally saves the day as Charlotte puts herself in harms way, faces off with a killer and she and her sister just might not get away this time. But, quick thinking and a wild plan they devised will it save them and will Max find her?

Did Edith kill of her husband? You won’t believe the truth. When All the Girls Have Gone by author Jayne Ann Krentz who delivers a novel filled with twists, surprises, a touch of humor, realistic situations of greed, power and revenge as someone is hoping to make sure that the final count will be ALL THE GIRLS WILL BE GONE!