Author: Nancy Torgove Clasby

Publisher: Small Batch Books
ISBN 978-1-937650-70-4

Nancy Torgove Clasby, author of The Reluctant Mystic, has a BA from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. (p.111, 2016) Previously she was a special needs teacher. Her interest in spirituality and healing began in 1998. Her specialties include: polarity, reiki, craniosacral practitioner, reflexology, meditation, teaching, and private healing. During her time as a healer she has helped hundreds of people to deal with death and dying, chronic pain issues, and more. Her life is rich in friends and family. Nancy lives in a coastal MA town with her dog and cats. For more information about her special talents and to contact her please log on to

This process of super healing began for Nancy in 1996. (Forward, 2016) She had an out of body experience that literally changed her life in so many ways. She says that it “…left me with an understanding of the universe and how we are all bound by unconditional love.”. At first she did not understand her gifts and did not know who to turn to for how to deal with what was going on in her new world. Finally she met with her spiritual leaders who helped her to learn how to embrace her gifts and become the healing and nurturing woman she is today. They said “Your light is turned way up”. She learned that she could literally blind people if she could not rein in her light.

During the out of body experience Nancy had been on a massage table to chronic back pain. She said “All of the sudden, my body started to shake, and it felt like I left my body.” (p.8, 2016) At this point she recalls seeing through her third eye. She saw energy everywhere in the form of light. Her next thought as she continued was “It took my breath away…It was everything and nothing at once. It was all-knowing, all-loving. It was all powerful, but not at all scary. ” She recalls being loved and accepted by this light. I think this must be the ultimate and something we should all hope to experience.

Nancy declares that she was “…in such a heightened state that I didn’t eat or sleep for three months.” (p.9, 2016) “The less I ate, the higher I got.” There are numerous religions and other spiritual traditions that use fasting as a way to get closer to God or the next level of energy. She said that this ritual gave her clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience or perhaps in the trade known as second sight. (p.13) “I could see the physical world that everyone sees with their eyes, but also the energetic world that exists in the more subtle realms of consciousness.” (p.17)

Nancy spent time with three people that helped her to express and fully use her new talents to heal and connect with the divine. These people were her Rabbi, Rabbi David Meyer, a reverend friend of his, Reverend Patricia Long, and Doctor Badri Rickhi. (p.21, 2016) Nancy expresses nervousness prior to meeting with some of these individuals. However, in the end she found nothing but acceptance and love. She has long since become comfortable with these gifts she acquired in the most unusual of circumstances and has spent countless hours and months and years helping other people to deal with life threatening situations and other difficulties that life hands us all from time to time.

Thank you Nancy for a very interesting read. I learned a lot from your experiences and lessons. I enjoyed it and believe you will too!