Author: Larry Solomon
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Denver, Colorado
ISBN:  978-1-4327-2347-7

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In today’s global market, people are losing their jobs at the rate of hundreds a day as the recession grinds along.  Each time, families are left scrambling to try to pay the bills.  That is not a very funny issue, but Larry Solomon has taken the depressing and lightened it up a bit.  He himself spent some time unemployed and this work is based a little on his experiences, but mostly on fiction.

Our tale starts off as many similar stories do, with the soon to be unemployed totally clueless as to the pending disaster.  He is in his own little world, working away as doom approaches.  It arrives in the form of a kid younger than the tie of the worker, a real jerk who still believes that he will solve all the problems of the company.   He starts with firing before mentioned hard-working employee.

In desperation, our now unemployed friend turns to a temp agency to find a job.  It is there that he embarks on 26 misadventures that are the heart of the book.  This is where the story veers off into the unexpected.  The title suggests that discussed inside are 26 basic mistakes that a person can make to become unemployed.  However, instead 26 jobs are chosen, from the usual to the bizarre, and funny but usually unrealistic ways to lose that job are given.  The results are hilarious, but the reader is left wondering how exactly this fits into the basic premise.  It is an unexpected turn and while that can be surprising it also gives more chances for laughs, which is the point.

Finally, our much abused author finds a job and his struggles are over.  Not the type to leave other suffers without help; the author gives practical advice on getting a new job.  There is great stuff here, both doable and result giving.  However, the advice only takes up a few pages in the book!  This is a pity because the suggestions such as list former jobs for ideals and brain storm for new possibilities to be considered then narrowed down is solid, helpful stuff.  The major intent of the book might have been laughs, but that doesn’t exclude good advice.

The book is a good read for the laughs the job traumas of the author gives.  Comedy doesn’t mean it can’t be helpful and one can only hope that in the next book the writer gives us more of his wisdom, which is clearly there.

Click Here To Purchase Wrongsized: Become chronically unemployed in 26 Easy steps