Author: J.R. Ward

Publisher:  NAL

ISBN: 978-0451475282

J.R. Ward, known for her suspense and romance, picks up at the beguiling place where we left off in her last book in her latest series, The Bourbon Kings. At the end of first book, we see the demise of a patriarch that seems all too suspect but the reader is content with knowing that the middle son of the legacy family, the Bradfords, has overcome a tumultuous past to step up to the plate and start acting worthy of that legacy. With his love life headed in the right direction, his abusive father now out of his family’s life, and his ‘momma’ feeling and acting like her old self; we can expect a happy ending, right? Wrong.

In The Angel’s Share, Southern charm and extravagance, sprawling estates, and of course bourbon, are front and center in another mystery that doesn’t disappoint. In this second series installment we see Lane Bradford is faced once again with even more dilemmas in this seducing summer read as his father’s death looks quite suspect after an estate worker finds a body part buried on the family grounds. This seemingly richer than rich Kentucky family has not only made a fortune in the Bourbon industry, but also made many enemies, both within their estate and outside of it and death seems to lie in wait amidst estate grounds. The Bradfords are the classiest of Kentucky’s elite, but beneath the façade are a great deal of secrets and now, the middle of siblings, and reformed-wild-child Lane has to admit to and face some of his greatest fears and the family’s worst secrets because he is the only one willing to do so. When facing the dysfunctionality that he had been trying to suppress for so long, he and his spoiled siblings come to terms with hidden secrets, possible murders, and the fact that they are possibly in ruins despite all the fancy clothes, cars, and staff waiting on them hand and foot.

Money can’t buy you a functional family and from the looks of things in The Angel’s Share, the Bradfords will soon be out of money as well. The cast of characters is straight out of a naughty Southern dream: from the spoiled sister Virginia, who uses her sexual appeal because of daddy issues and has a very big secret that might just rip her world up even more, to the estranged brother Edward, whose tragic past—all due to the grudge his father held against him—left him a shadow of who he once was; to Lane, a playboy who found love and lost it because of his reputation and that of his family and found it again because of his tenacity and need for love requited; and finally the youngest brother, Max, whose appearance after years missing seems suspicious.

This new installment of The Bourbon Kings series has even more exciting characters, surprises, and of course, tons of steamy situations to keep you tied to a world of exuberance, dysfunction, and excitement. J.R. Ward again creates a world of wealth and glamor with impeccably written scenes and wonderfully flawed characters. I am eagerly awaiting the next novel.