Author: K.M. Oddeck

Publisher: BookBaby

ASIN: B01HOPZZ08 (Kindle)

K.M. Oddeck sets his delightful funny action thriller, Intrinsic Encounters in Germany, where his principal character, David Elbert is in his final semester in Business Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Jena. To complete his studies, he must participate in a thesis-internship. Consequently, he decides to fulfill this requirement by working at a company rumored to be a rising star in the electronics world, Displaytek Systems Ltd, located in Apolda, Germany not too far from his university.

Before we learn about David's internship at Displaytek, Oddeck fills us in as to what kind of a youngster he had been and more particularly, to the horror of his parents, one who was always involved in some kind of reverse engineering. He loved dismantling all kinds of electrical gadgets found in the family household which probably served him well in future years at university and in his thesis-internship.

At Displaytek, David's principal task is to improve the company's production and he realizes that the road ahead will be bumpy and treacherous as the company's goal is to improve it by four hundred percent. The difficult part would be the researching the thesis and then tailoring it to fit the company’s needs. However, in the back of David's mind is a fear that the company could fold before he has a chance to complete his thesis. This could delay his graduation, which depends on a successful thesis study and it would be a disaster if he had to start a new thesis-internship.

While all this is transpiring, Oddeck brings into the story a second plot concerning David and a college friend Elise who enter into a relationship. The couple decide to purchase a home and they contact a real estate agent, Handal Hoams. Little do they know that the agent is the extremely slippery drug lord of the infamous Cynus crime syndicate who has his hands in many pots including drugs and weapons. He convinces them to purchase a derelict building overgrown with weeds and swamped in trash. All seems to be hunky-dory until the couple discover during their renovations that hidden beneath a floor board are bags of illicit drugs and bundles of one hundred-dollar bills. Apparently, the real estate agent had used his business as a front for drug trafficking where he would find an empty home, bury his loot, and come back when the heat is off. Unfortunately, for the agent, the drug-enforcement agency were onto his shenanigans and were following his every movement.

David succeeds with his thesis and obtains his bachelor's degree. Moreover, Displaytek is very impressed with his internship work and the company offers him a full time position with an attractive salary, which he can't refuse. Immediately he is eager to show that he is a “whiz kid” and will succeed in solving company's production problems with his gift of creative strategies. As a result, he does come up with all kinds of suggestions that will win the company the one thing that truly matters, the creation of value.

Intrinsic Encounters is a highly ambitious work that is a wickedly amusing mischievous farce peopled with a zany cast of characters, full of hilarious takes on college life, exams, internships, phony real-estate agents, and nutty doings, particularly in the workplace. There is, however, sometimes an overabundance of detail particularly the lengthy meticulous technical explanations of David's analysis of his company's production procedures and problems. This slows down the momentum of the novel and did cause my interest to wane. It would have been far more interesting and captivating to concentrate and develop the second plot which was easier to follow and understand. Nonetheless, I have to admire Oddeck's painstakingly crafted language, rich, always alive, that in the end makes the novel a delight to read.