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By Frances Roberts-Reilly
Published on July 11, 2016

Author: Peggy Hinaekian

ISBN-10: 151441872X

ISBN-13: 978-1514418727

Publisher: XLIBRIS

A passionate love story, full of witty and sexy dialogue, and globe hopping exotic locales.

Of Julia and Men is an erotic romp. The story of a sensual, strong-willed, talented woman artist with a libido that finds her in Europe, US and the Middle East. Julia Chamoun is restless for adventure and lusts for passionate sex and a secure marriage, putting her at odds. Her erotic pursuit for the perfect man takes her into sophisticated social circles where ambassadors, artists and academics mingle at lavish cocktail parties, elegant art galleries and luxury hotels. Her seeking takes place during the liberated 60s and 70s where Julia kindles assignations with lovers and suitors alike.

Come and see my etchings” is given a new spin (book is illustrated with the author’s own art) when Julia invites Jean Claude, a mysterious investment banker to her studio after meeting him at a swank reception in Geneva. Jean Claude had a similar restless urge and had bedded many women as one did in the 1970s. A whirlwind romance follows with escapes to London, Paris and Rome where there are plenty of racy bits to stir the reader’s imagination.

When her father figure/lover proposes she accepts only to run into Luis, a good looking much younger Latin man with whom she’d shared a passionate dance, kiss and tryst in Morocco eight years earlier. Impulsive and curious, Julia couldn’t resist playing with the fire of this Argentinian brimming with Latin charm. And that’s when things get complicated.

Thus begins Julia’s double life, a life in a triangle that is fraught with secrets, guilt. Jealousy, lies and danger that pits Jean Claude’s stability and security against Luis’ risky hot sex, threatening Julia’s plans for her future. As she loses all self control, living on a confusing and chaotic edge, things begin to unravel. Will her fiancé, Jean Claude remain by her side?

Of Julia and Men, a bodice ripper of a book is a pleasure to read. Hinaekian brings alive the erotic exploits of this modern and bewitching woman.

***From The Author's Website: 

Of Armenian origin, Peggy Hinaekian was born and raised in Egypt. Her paternal grandfather had the largest private library in Egypt, and Peggy was introduced to books in three languages (English, French and Armenian) at a very young age. She grew up in a very cosmopolitan environment and was an avid reader. She kept a journal since the age of ten and always wrote short stories, essays and children’s picture books (unpublished). She immigrated to Canada with her first husband then on to the United States, where she pursued a career in fashion design and fine arts. After her divorce, she moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where she worked as an international civil servant and furthered her career in fine arts. She met her present American husband in Rome and they lived in Geneva where they had two sons. After their children went to college in the United States, they also moved there and divide their time between California and Florida.

Peggy Hinaekian is an internationally recognized, well-established artist living and working in the United States and in Switzerland (website:

Of Julia and Men is her first novel and is entirely fictional except for the settings.  The illustrations on the cover and inside the book are her own artwork.