Until the US election in November, we will be bombarded with all kinds of media communications concerning Donald Trump and you have to admit even if you detest him, Trump does create quite a stir.

Author Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D has published two cartoon books concerning him, Trump Is Nuts! and Trump Is Extinct…Or May Be Soon!

The first features Trump as 21 different kinds of nuts, from Walnuts, Peanuts, and Pecans to Mixed Up Nuts, a Nut Case, and patients in a nuthouse. The second compares Trump to 27 extinct beasts and early humans, from ancient dinosaurs, flying reptiles, birds, and mammals with names like the Trumposaurus, Saber Tooth Trump, and Homo Trumpien.

Gini has published over 50 books with major publishers and 40 with her own publishing company, Changemakers Publishing. She received her Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, and has several MAs, including one in Anthropology and another in Pop Culture and Lifestyles from California State University, East Bay. She is getting an additional MA there in Communications.

She has also written 16 screenplays. One has been produced with an international distributor: Suicide Party #Save Dave; another is in production: Driver, for release in the fall. In addition, she has have written, produced over 60 dozen short films working with various directors.

Norm: Good day Gini and thanks for participating in our interview

How do you explain the Trump phenomena and what in your estimate would be the repercussions if Trump became the President of the USA? 

Gini:  I think the Trump phenomena is part of a widespread anti-establishment mood that is not only in America but reflected in the vote in Britain.  We are living in a time of great tumult throughout the world reflected in the growth of inequality and decline of the middle class; the vast number of people displaced -- about 65 million refugees; the spread of terrorism, most recently by the Istanbul bombings and the shooting in Orlando; and more. 

The everyday news is helping to make everyone afraid, and out of fear people look for some kind of strongman or savior to get them through the crisis.  But the danger is this can undermine democracy and turn into a dictatorship, though it is difficult for a civil free society to operate under conditions of terrorism.  However, the pendulum can swing too far in the opposite direction.

I think there could be dangerous repercussions if Trump became president.  He is already unpopular by about 70% of the American public, and economist have suggested that his policies could bring on a new recession.  The U.S. could also be pulled back into a period of isolation, given the hostile reaction towards Trump in many countries, including Mexico, Britain, and the UK.

And we could be in for a period of instability, since it isn’t really clear what his policies are, since he keeps changing his mind and suggests his positions are opening negotiation positions, which can be fine in business, but politics and governing requires more diplomacy and comprise.  He tends to shoot from the hip, which could result in a need for a lot of fence mending.  Plus he may end up pursuing a lot of litigation, which could be unfairly influenced by Trump as President.

Norm: How did you come up with the idea of publishing two cartoon books concerning Trump and where did you get your information and ideas for the books? 

Gini:   My books started off as Huffington Post columns about four months on March 1st when there were still seven Republican candidates in the running.  I was looking for something different to say than everyone else was saying, and I began with a column on comparing what the growing popularity of Trump to the fairy tales: "The Emperor Has No Clothes" and "The Pied Piper of Hamelin." 

Then that got me thinking about how other political developments suggested other fairy tales, which led to additional Huffington Post columns, such as "Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Trump," and eventually I combined these together into "2016 Election Fairy Tales." 

Then, as more and more people attacked Trump for his outrageous statements and behavior, such as at his huge rallies, like stating he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and no one would stop supporting him or had bodyguards drag protesters out of the audience, I wrote some columns comparing him to mythological monsters and villains, which I collected into "2016 Monsters, Myths, and Mayhem."

 I did research on the traditional fairy tales and myths, finding this information online, and then adapted them into the stories about Trump.

 Around this time, Trump and Cruz were exchanging insults, and this led to "The Battles of Donnie and Teddie; 4 Children's Stories for Adults," which was written like short children's picture books featuring them fighting in a sandbox, playground, schoolyard, and backyard party.  

 Then, I’m not sure what triggered this – perhaps someone mentioned that after this election cycle was over, Trump would lose and become extinct -- I began thinking about how Trump was like these extinct beasts, like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and early humans like the Neanderthal, and I thought this might make a good cartoon book if I could find an illustrator.

So I did post a couple of announcements about this locally.  And then, amazingly, a cartoonist I had worked with 21 years ago on a humorous illustrated book related to the OJ trial, before the trial turned very serious, called me saying he was interested in finding a publisher or agent for his new children’s book on pirates, since I have a service that connects writers to publishers, agents, and film producers.

It was really a call out of the blue, since he didn’t know I was looking for a cartoonist, and I immediately told him about the project, he loved the idea, and began submitting sketches.  The lists of extinct beasts and early humans came from online sources, and mostly I submitted the names and descriptions to the cartoonist who came up with illustrations, relating them to what was going on in the campaign or in Trump’s history.  He suggested a few of the early marine reptiles and flying reptiles. 

Then, soon after that book was completed, there were a series of posts on Facebook on how Trump was nuts, and I proposed a second book on comparing Trump to different kind of nuts.  Again, he loved the idea, and over two weeks sent me illustrations, combining information on the nuts with current events in the campaign and other information about Trump. 

In both books, I wrote the copy, inspired by his illustrations, as well as the latest in the campaign.  In some cases, I suggested possible illustrations. 

Norm: What has been the general reaction to your books and has there any backlash from Trump or his followers? If so, could you describe the backlash?

Gini:  So far, everyone I have shown this too has loved the idea.  Since I’m in the Bay Area, many people are already very anti-Trump, whether they are active in politics or not, because of his behavior and inflammatory comments.   I also recently showed the books to some Republicans active in politics, and they were very favorable, too. 

The general attitude is to support the platform and hope that Trump somehow gets reined in if he wins.  If so, they might reluctantly support him.  So none of the people I spoke with are ardent Trump supporters, and I haven’t experienced any backlash. 

Norm: There have been many cartoonists that have attacked Trump. Why in your opinion Trump doesn't seem to want to go after them or even reply to them?

Gini: I just wrote an article for Huffington Post on why he hasn’t attacked the cartoonists or people coming up with funny names for him. 

I think the basic reason is he doesn’t think they are particularly relevant and have little influence.  Then, too, there are so many of them and they generally have little money, so they wouldn’t be worth suing.

Norm: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating the two books and what did you enjoy most about writing the books?

Gini: The most surprising thing was that Republicans like the books, too.  Besides the Republican’s active in politics I met recently, about a month ago, I showed it at a business meeting where one woman was a delegate to the Republican primary in California and the convention, and she said she wanted to take a copy of the book with her to show people.  Also, a Republican history professor at a local University told me he thought these books might have historical value after the election ends, whatever the outcome.

Norm: What do you hope your readers will take away after reading one or both of your books? Is there a message in the books that you want your readers to grasp? 

Gini: I hope that readers will see beyond the humor to realize some truths about Trump and the potential dangers that could occur with a Trump presidency.

Norm: Are you working on any books/projects that you would like to share with us? (We would love to hear all about them!) 

Gini: I’m working on a few new projects.  One is called WHEN THE RICH KILL to be published in October by Black Rose Writing.  Another book coming out in August is SCAMMED: Learn from the Biggest Consumer and Money Frauds How Not to Become a Victim from Allworth. 

I have a book under consideration with a co-author tentatively entitled DEALING WITH IMPOSSIBLE CLIENTS

And then I work as a ghostwriter on books with a number of clients, as well as help them find publishers and agents.   I also am a writer and executive producer for several feature films.  One which will be released in early 2017 is DRIVER, about a Uber-like driver who becomes a serial killer, and I am current putting together the funding for a fourth feature film: BANKRUPT, about a bankruptcy attorney who goes bankrupt as the economy improves so not enough people are filing for bankruptcy anymore, so he turns to crime. Your readers are welcome to contact me for more details about participating in this project.

Norm: Where can our readers find out more about you and your books including the two on Donald Trump?

Gini: The readers can find out about my books at  Changemakers Writing and Publishing and my Website Gini Graham Scott.   I also have a WEBSITE for my political books.

They can also put the names of the books and my name in Amazon, and the books are on Kindle, and there are audio books on Audible.com.  The cartoon books are also available as videos on Pivotshare.com.  Follow HERE for my channel

Norm: As this interview draws to a close what one question would you have liked me to ask you? Please share your answer. 

Gini:  I think you asked me about almost everything.  Perhaps one question might be if someone else has an idea for a book on politics or on another subject, how can I help them write it, get it published, or find publishers and agents – and they can feel free to contact me for more information about that.  Follow Here for  my company that helps with that is Publishers, Agents and Films.

Norm: Thanks once again and good luck with all of your future endeavors