Author: Rea Nolan Martin

Publisher: WiaWaka Press

ISBN: 978-0-9910322-2-8

                                 Alternative Reality Creation

This is a book that exemplifies a genre called “visionary fiction”, a genre that has been pioneered by the author in her earlier books. Such books explore a reality that is not just based on that which takes place on the material plane alone, it is also affected by that which happens on other planes simultaneously. Choices and decisions, even those made in earlier lives, inasmuch as they exist as patterns in our subconscious and unconscious minds, affect events or situations in our present lives. It is almost as if the beta waves that engage  our conscious minds, “anesthetize” us to the above patterns, hence the title. The good news is that unblinking, unflinching focus on a desired goal, enables us to change the course of events on the physical plane as the subconscious and unconscious get reprogrammed. This, according to myself, is the central theme of this book.

Another important ingredient that is superposed on the above theme is the perennial message with which we are all familiar, viz., “Love triumphs in the end”.  Truly, genuine love can counter unhealthy attitudes and behaviour and heal broken relationships, as is demonstrated in this story.

Hannah and Mitsy are sisters. Both are married to well-off men. Both are deeply unhappy and seemingly incapable of getting on with their lives. It is not surprising that both are facing problems with their respective husbands.

Hannah is a shopaholic and deeply in debt, of which she is in total denial. Mitsy has a daughter, Sydney, who suffers from a chronic, life-threatening disease, and being unable to handle it, confines herself to her bedroom, or to the telephone where she calls a mystic named Pandora, on whom she relies for advice on everything imaginable.

The action starts when Mitsy, on the prompting of her husband Aaron, calls Hannah to come over and take care of Sydney, adding that she would be paid for it. Hannah and Sydney get along famously, and so, combined with the financial incentive, she readily agrees to do so.

On another plane, there is a deep and recurring past life connection between the four women, Hannah, Mitsy, Sydney and Pandora, memories of which surface from time to time, especially for Pandora who is most aware of it. Sydney also accesses these memories to a lesser extent, they are a major reason behind her illness. The interplay of reality between the four women, Hannah, Mitsy, Sydney and Pandora and Jonah and Aaron who are married to Hannah and Mitsy respectively, is the story behind this book.

This book is especially interesting as a pointer to an alternate formation of reality. Especially interesting is the connection between Sydney and Pandora, who only get to meet physically during the later stages of the narrative, and yet affect each other profoundly. Another key feature worth mentioning in this review, is the very original way the author depicts Pandora as a quantum mechanical being with both particle and wave aspects. The particulate aspect is localized to a specific place and time while the wave aspect is spread out over space -time and defines her persona. Pandora is capable of choosing which identity she wishes to project at any instant of time.

This is a book that will gently and skillfully expand your frontiers, concerning what is possible. This is especially so when love enters the scene and silently works its changes, changes that are nothing short of tectonic. This genre is one that is very en passant for the times and one looks forward to reading more books that explore similar concepts and ideas.

Warmly recommended to one and all.