Author: Lisa Unger

Publisher: Simon and Shuster

ISBN: 970150101649.


Many people create their own map of their lives by creating tapestries of events that are important to them or even keeping journals or timelines to record what they don’t want to forget. Finley Montgomery is 21 and has her whole life in front of her but she seems distant, confused and needs to find a place where she can exist. Leaving her home and going to live with her grandmother, Eloise, a renowned and well thought of psychic, seems to be a viable solution for now. Eloise is wonderful, listens to Finley and will guide her in developing her powers. Understanding that life hands us different hands and that we sometimes experience things that we don’t choose too, her grandmother wisely explains: We just choose what we do with it all. Meaning it’s up to her to decide her future and how she deals with her present.

Going to live in the Hollows is not like living in a regular community and the surroundings of the quiet woods and the people living there will give many an odd or eerie feeling when entering yet most feel that it is a place of mystery yet inviting. Events here are sometimes out of the ordinary as a young child was kidnapped while with her father and brother walking in the woods. Wayne her father and Jackson her brother were shot and left for dead. Walking on the trail leading to the Hollows Woods someone took Abbey but where? But, Eloise is approached by Abbey’s mother and asked to try and find her but her abilities seem quiet and she cannot get a sense of Abbey but Finley can. But, Finley seems torn and not sure where she wants to be and has distance herself from her controlling mother, Amanda and wants to free herself of all bonds and ties. But, working with the private detective Jones Cooper who works with her grandmother proves more than must illuminating and frightening in some respects. Can Finley cope with the present and deal with her gift? How would you feel if you sees spirits all around you past and present?

Finley enjoys motorcycles, tattoos and is haunted by dreams and not able to control them. Nightmares plague her and when her abilities become stronger and more paramount she searches for answers but cannot drown out the sounds, faces and noises even with taking long rides on her motorcycle and going to class to try and find her way. When Merri Gleason enters their lives and is trying to find her daughter Abbey who has been missing for ten months, she relinquishes are misgivings, uncertainties and decides to hire Cooper to find her. Not a firm believer yet hoping to find her daughter she hopes that she can before time runs out. But, somewhere there is a child named Penny who is being held captive by two cruel and inhumane people who call themselves Momma and Poppa and who go out of their way to abuse her each day. Are these two children one and the same? Are they related some how? When you hear the voice and thoughts of Penny and learn what she is thinking your heart will break, anger will rise and the hope that she will break free and take a change in the cold woods.

Finley has the support of a friend named Rainer who adores her and is the person creating her tattoos and helping her write that journal in ink. Penny was taken to replace the real Penny and along with Abbey and Eliza Fitzgerald another missing child, they have prophetic dreams and see spirits as does Finley. Coming to her and judging her movements and thoughts are the three sisters Patience, Faith and Abigail each presenting their own point of view related to something Finley is doing. But, going with Jones and sensing something in the mines she wants to further explore but is held back and Eloise reminds her that using her instincts is okay but not thinking it through and being reckless will get her hurt. Friendships are formed and bonds are reunited when others are severed as author Lisa Unger takes us deep inside the world of dreamers, listeners and Whisperers. Images that light the way and a harsh realization as it who and what really happened to so many that are missing. But why? When Finley finally puts it all together the ending will startle readers as the truth comes out and the final scene will shake some spirits lose and others will take a different road. Finley will realize that she now has to decide on her own future as the light takes a strong hold and the person that goes towards it helps her to see what they all were missing all along. Just whom do they find? What happens to Abbey and how many more spirits are finally sent home? Author Lisa Unger takes us deep inside the spirit world and helps Finley and readers see that not everyone and everything is always really there and that life changes and sometimes as Finley and the rainbow of tattoos that line her body we are all made of INK AND BONE and see ourselves in all of our true colors. Can you see the spirits? INK AND BONE: A MUST READ!