Author: A.W. O’Connor

Publisher: Alternative Imaginings Press

ASIN: B012X1J8T2

                                                 A New Song

The appearance of “The Secret” ushered in a multitude of books related to the efficacy of the Law of Attraction in bringing about wish fulfilment in people’s dreary lives. It inspired many people, albeit unsuccessfully, to dig into themselves and introspect into what made them tick. The search for the true strength within leads us through a maze of unsuspected negative forces and beliefs around the true nature of reality. These negative forces are experienced by all and a misunderstanding of the reality behind these forces can and has led to a lot of unhappiness and frustration about the authentic nature of life and what we are here to do in this incarnation.

This book can provide a convincing answer as to how the negative repercussions of practicing the Law of Attraction can be circumvented. It starts from the inside out, by building on the concept of our innate divinity and goes on from there to a discussion of how we can use our own innate faculties of imagination and choice, to manifest the beneficial changes that we wish would appear in our lives.

To live with these challenges….I sing a new song.” Atal Behari Vajpayee, ex prime minister of India.

The material in this ebook is arranged as follows:

The first chapters of the book are geared to convince us, not only of the truth of the invincibility of our own true nature, viz. that we are hardwired to get what we want, but that it is our destiny in this lifetime to realize that we are capable of doing so. To achieve this understanding, requires that we learn how to affirm our inborn divinity through meditation, practicing stillness and making contact with the Universal Source. The next chapter emphasizes the power of our imagination which can be used to empower our dreams with life. The third and fourth chapters deal with having the courage to pursuing our dreams and how to deal with negativity and self- doubt using affirmations as a tool. Next, the author delves into the topic of self-worth and advocates the creation of a wish list and a vision board to manifest long term goals. Finally, the author discusses the significance of gratitude, before he sums up his premises in a concise conclusion.

This book is extremely well written and may well remain in the market longer than many other books on manifestation as it focuses on something we all possess, viz., our imagination as a tool to getting what we want and developing the skills to strengthen its use. Each chapter is accompanied by an exercise to strengthen the imagination, in addition there is a list of exercises to warm up our mind to make the transition to a new way of manifesting.

Life can be extraordinary and it certainly will be, once you begin to manifest your dreams and claim your power to create the life you truly desire...the wonderful unlimited power of the universe will rearrange the very fabric of existence to bring your desires to reality.”

Enough said about the vision for a different way of manifesting, more suited to the 21st century.

Warmly recommended to one and all.