Author: Jeffrey Stephens


Rogue Mission by Jeffrey Stephens is a fast-paced, well plotted novel of treachery and intrigue. Featuring his protagonist, Jason Sandor, in a recurring role from earlier books by the same author.

Sandor is a smart, tough, savvy agent with a propensity toward violent conclusions of negative encounters. He’s good at killing enemies of the United States, those that would harm his friends, and, in particular, those that would try to harm him.

The plot is complex yet plausible. The mixing of non-governmental agencies (NGOs) with traditional organizations such as CIA, FBI, and Special Forces adds a sense of realism and imagination. The dialogue is a blend of authentic both technical and operational language common within this genre.

Stephens makes the interplay among the characters believable and interesting. Sandor’s experience and contacts within the world of the special operator adds a realism to the action. Stephen is also able to avoid the common mistake of making the protagonist so adept and skillful as to be unbelievable.

Placing the action within the context of the current terrorism activity in the world adds a sense of drama and credibility to the story without plagiarizing the news. The language to describe the action, location, and players is colorful, well-crafted, and dramatic. The dialogue is taut and contributes to the overall tension within the story.

Sandor is faced with a combination of intersecting and competing problems. A slight delay in his arrival at a gathering in honor of his former commanding officer saves him from getting killed in an explosion. Trying to learn to target of the explosion and those behind it thrusts Sandor and his compatriots into a world of high finance, NGOs, double-crosses, and greed.

Forced to fight on two fronts, Sandor needs all his skill and talent to get to the truth as well as save the innocent victims of a kidnapping. Stephens does a great job of unveiling the conspiracy behind the conspiracy, building the book to a dramatic and explosive conclusion.

One can enjoy this book without the benefit of any previous knowledge of Jason Sandor. Yet the book is intriguing enough to make you want to read more about Sandor’s exploits.

This a fun read. Stephens is a creative, imaginative, and talented writer. The story is a great mixture of action, suspense, and drama. The good guys are both sympathetic and realistic; the bad guys easy to despise yet cunning.

A highly recommended read.