Author: Hannah O. White

Publisher: MCK Publishing Group


                                                   Practising Reiki

This book consists of three e-books in one package, viz., an introduction to Reiki, how to practise Reiki on animals and an introduction to meditation. In addition, the author includes a preview to another of her books, on the chakras of the human energy body.

The author introduces the essentials of Reiki,making it clear that Reiki is a non denominational Japanese spiritual technique that is a safe alternative, or at least complement to conventional medicine. According to the author, “Reiki is a technique that reduces stress, facilitates inner and outer relaxation while contributing to healing the body from the inside out...It not only aims at healing physical illness, but even if you are not suffering from a physical ailment, your body can still benefit from Reiki”.

The effectiveness of Reiki is attributed to the workings of a postulated “biofield” which incorporates the complex vibrational energies that encircle our bodies. “A balanced biofield lies at the corner of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, a disruption can lead to disharmony and physical illness..”

After the author spells out the several benefits of Reiki practice at each level of well- being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, she points out that Reiki is best practised by learning to be accepting and caring of our shadow selves at all levels of consciousness. The first thing to do before practicing Reiki is to attune oneself to a Reiki master. This “attunement incorporates a purifying process from the inside out”. Once the process has been undergone, one never loses it, but additional attunements can be helpful.

The author spells out the five basic principles of Reiki namely, “Just for today, I will not worry or be angry, just for today, I will be grateful, do my work honestly and be kind to every living thing”. After this,she goes on to describe some Reiki meditation techniques. These are complemented by the meditation ebook, while the injunctions on self care and compassion mentioned earlier are put into practice in the ebook on Healing Animals with Reiki.

On the flip side, this ebook deals with the practice of Reiki, not on Reiki per se. There is no information on how to find a Reiki master. Besides some key Reiki symbols are aimlessly introduced in prose without a graphic for the reader to meditate on. There are no case studies or personal anecdotes., the personal touch is missing. However, the section on healing tips for animals is worth reading, the directions have been tailored to meet their mute, unexpressed needs.

To sum up, I recommended this book to those who want to learn how or how not to practise Reiki, assuming that they have already experienced attunement with a Reiki master. Those looking for the history of Reiki, its’ origin, how to find a suitable Reiki master and what happens at the initiation ceremony, are advised to look elsewhere.