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By Norm Goldman
Published on February 19, 2016

Authors: Alex Kerten and David Brinn

Publisher: Divine Arts

ISBN: 13: 978-1611250442


Authors: Alex Kerten and David Brinn

Publisher: Divine Arts

ISBN: 13: 978-1611250442

Approximately one million Americans live with Parkinson's disease, an amount more than the combined number of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and Lou Gehrig's disease. It is estimated that every year 60, 000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson's which does not take into account the thousands of cases that are undetected. Worldwide there are probably 7 to 10 million people that have Parkinson's.

Unfortunately, Parkinson's disease (PD) is a chronic and progressive movement disorder, meaning that symptoms continue and worsen over time. However, help is on the way and within the past several years there have been tremendous progress in understanding what causes PD and better treatments have been developed in helping patients to deal with it.

One such approach has been devised by an Israeli, Alex Kerten who has developed the Gyro-Kinetic method that is based on the concept of movement, music, and rhythm. What differentiates this method from some of the other PD therapies is the unique blend of martial arts, structuring and healing movement.

According to Kerten in his Goodbye Parkinson's, Hello Life! , which he co-authored with David Brinn, his method creates motion in the body, which stimulates simultaneously physiological, biological, and psychological reactions. As he states: “The unique combination of martial arts, movement arts, and the use of music is the distinguishing mark of the G-K method and reflects the multidisciplinary experience I've acquired during my years of training.”

Kerten has devoted many years researching PD and the information he presents in his book is based on these studies as well as the hundreds of individuals he has helped. It is his belief that used in complement with your medication program, his method can lead the way to a much healthier life and state of mind.

He tells his clients (he does not like to call them patients) that they are going to learn to feel good as well as learning about their body's rhythm and patterns. Paying attention to their body language and facial expressions is very important and uses the analogy of a screen script where he asserts: “By changing our script and eliminating our behavior of fear, we can bring ourselves back to a place where our natural movements dominate our Parkinson's movements.

Describing himself as a specialist in the physiology of behavior, Kerten maintains that the physiology of behavior means that our behavior patterns are based on how our nervous system reacts to situations.

Within the three sections of the book that are spread over 195 pages that also includes a brief bibliography and reference section, Kerten presents his unique method. Topics range from receiving the new script, dancing, physiology of behavior, living in the present, the mind, thirteen exercises to apply his theory and the roles of music, spouse/caregiver, and making it all part of your life.

The second section of the book provides thirteen exercises including breathing, hands and facial expressions, conducting inward/internal massage, art of movement/free dancing, the spring theory, the body player, putting it all together, and how to sleep. And the third section, Keep Going! deals with where medication fits in, the role of music, the role of the spouse/caregiver, helpful tips and making it part of your life. For many sufferers from Parkinson's change may be easy to start, but difficult to grow, and really difficult to sustain over the long haul. Nonetheless, this is a book that you will find a great deal of value in showing you how to redirect your daily routine in dealing with Parkinson's with its step-by-step instructions and clear explanations.

Does Kerten's method work? At the back of the book there are several glowing testimonials from well-known and respected medical doctors as well as Kerten's clients including Michael Wiese, the Publisher of the book.Wiese has Parkinson's and he has included his own personal message where he thanks Kerten whom he claims has saved his life. Wiese claims that he has eliminated 60% or more of his Parkinson's symptoms.

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