Author: Gary M. Douglas & Dr.Dain Heer

Publisher: Access Consciousness Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-1-939261-17-5

ISBN-10: 1939261171

                                     Working of a Primal Consciousness

Did you know that every animal, plant and structure on this planet has consciousness and desires to gift to you?”

This is a book that teaches us how to unlock a part of ourselves that we once had as a child and have learnt to shut off due to the exigencies of modern living. Nowhere is the lack of this wisdom more evident than in our dealings with the animals under our care. In this book, the authors lay out the basis for the ground rules that operate for anyone to work with the animal kingdom and the bent of mind required to be able to communicate with them. How they do this makes very light reading and is a candid reflection of how far  we, as a species have come from being a heart- based consciousness to being a brain- based one. As the authors say, “working with energy is not a doingness, it’s an unlocking. We’re unlocking stuck energies and allowing energy to flow”.

The core issue that makes animals dependent on us is that they do not perceive any boundaries between themselves and their owners. Therefore, they become surrogates for their owner’s physical or mental problems. As the authors put it “One of the greatest  gifts that animals give us is the way they receive from us without any judgement or limitation”.

After talking about the need to be receptive in order to attune ourselves to the beat of a different drum, the authors present a potpourri of techniques that can come in handy while dealing with problems faced by the animals under our care. These tools are presented with an ample number of case studies and include  entity removal, activating cellular memory,, implants from past lives, problems with neural circuitry and so on. They further focus on the basic rules of the communication process with animals, e.g. the need to be completely free of vested interests in the outcome and to remember that the role of the healer is only to facilitate the healing, not doing it. Most of the animals discussed are horses and dogs and the importance of giving them sufficient space to operate in is also dealt with.

The techniques and methods discussed in this book could well apply to human beings. However, human beings tend to frame their situation in intellectual terms, and so the focus on the exact problem is diminished. Working with animals is different in the sense that “they will let you know everything you need to know, be, perceive and receive.” If an animal decides that you’re not receptive, it will turn around and walk away.

As mentioned above, like all the Access Consciousness books, this is a light, humorous and extremely well written read.

Warmly recommended.