Author:J.C. Valentine
ISBN:  9781501020391

Raine is about a young teenager who ends up getting pregnant from a high school boy named Camron that only wanted to seduce her and take advantage of her.  Born from a high society family, he befriended her, only to bring her down in the end.  Unexpectedly, his brother Jarret stepped up to take responsibility so Raine would not have to endure the life of a single mother alone.

This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18 because it contains violence and rape, strong language and sex.  It’s good that the author presents that warning because the cover of the book looks like any other youth fiction so certain material is not suitable.

The main character’s name is quite interesting, Raine Forester, and at first it borders on too simplistic but the character herself is far from being simple.  She may be young and fraught with adversity but she has had to endure being raped by the person she thought cared for her and then flung aside and degraded in front of his friends.

As an introverted student, Raine was surprised when Camron Moss, the most popular kid in school took an interest in her but as I read the story, she should have been very suspicious of his actions as it seemed to be the usual tale of a popular guy taking advantage and wanting his way with girls that were out of his reach. He took advantage of her virginity as well as other terrible things he did to her to make her feel useless, and when she fought back, he made it seem as if she had no right.  Earlier in the school year, before the incident, she caught him giggling with the popular girls and listening to his standoffish excuses, she should have known something was not right.  I’m surprised she was so naive.

The story is told in Raine’s point of view.  Her family abandoned her after the news and she was left to fend for herself.  I’m a mother and it would make her family cold hearted to put a pregnant young girl out on the street with no source of income or protection.  It’s hard to believe that people were capable of that so it tells the reader how little support the main character had in deciding to keep the baby, conceived from a terrible act.  A decision of that magnitude would be very hard to make especially when you know that you have to go it alone.

Out of the blue, the brother Jarret, most likely out of guilt and shame from his brother’s actions, wanted to help Raine to ensure her safety and the health of his niece or nephew.  Although Camron did a terrible thing, Raine was going to give birth to part of his family and he couldn’t turn his back.  This shows good character in Jarret in making the right choice instead of just standing by family for the wrong reasons.

Talk about conflict – two brothers with one girl to put a possible wedge between them; one trying to do the right thing and the other one trying to walk away from his responsibility.  The conflict makes for a good, sizzling story between two of the characters and the reader feels for what is going to transpire between both families.  The author shows you how each of the characters interact with each other in this touching story about loyalty and hard decisions in life.