Author: Raeder Lomax

Publisher: Create Space,

ISBN: 978-1-51488-841-4

I was not aware of  "Stand Your Ground" prior to reading this entertaining novel. “Stand Your Ground” according to author, Raeder Lomax, “simply means that, if you reasonably believe that you face imminent death, serious bodily injury, rape, kidnapping, or (in most states) robbery, you can use deadly force against the assailant, even if you have a perfectly safe avenue of retreat.” (taken from the Washington Post, Eugene Volokh on June 27, 2014) “Stand Your Ground” legal premise sets the stage for this witty thriller.

The main characters are two men, Lawton Gibbs and Roy LaHood. Both are in Starke prison when this book begins. Both men were previously military men with bright futures, but the thrill of stealing lured them away from a promising military future and into a life of crime. They are slated to be released within a week of one another.

Roy has a wife and daughter who have had little to nothing to do with him since he went away. Lawton is a lone wolf with an appetite for wacky, fun-filled ladies. While Roy was in prison he has had correspondence with the woman who happened to put him behind bars. She has forgiven him and even praised him for saving her life. As strange as that sounds they strike up a friendship and more.

Another central character is Ronnie. He owns a topless bar where many of the sub-characters work or have worked over a period of time. He is not an easy man to get along with and runs through women like a mouse through cheese. He has a mix of seedy employees and greedy women, which is probably the nature of this business, but makes his lifestyle interesting to read about. For years he has been stashing away money in an offshore account. His closest employees know this, want to change the tide, and have enacted a plan that they want Roy and Lawton’s help with. Do they agree or walk away?

One thing leads to another and before long the entire scheme is unhinged. Friends of Ronnie’s have led him to suspect everyone. Ronnie finds himself in a quandary with these employees, suspects, and friends. He decides to use “Stand You Ground” as his defense against them. One by one they die. Will he get away with it? Will he find out who really took his cash or will he end up killing everyone in the process?

Read it. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Obviously Raeder Lomax has a gift for writing.