Author: Brian Russell, PhD, J.D.

Publisher: Health Communications Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-75731-876-4

Doctor Russell, author of Stop Moaning, Start Owning, is highly educated. He has an MBA, JD, and PhD. (2015, back cover) Brian has taught classes, given speeches, and spoken on television and radio shows about the benefits of productive behavior. On Discovery Network Brian co-hosts the series Fatal Vows.

This book is laid out into three parts: Part 1 is Stop Moaning, Part 2 The Age of Entitlement, and the third portion is Start Owning. It talks about happiness or lack therof to being with and how today’s society wants instant gratification for happiness and just about everything else. Doctor Russell documents the economic downfall and the debt of people at that time as means for seeking happiness via measures that cannot ever really fulfill what happiness means if one is quite honest about the term. He states that he “In some ways I worry that we are becoming a nation of takers.” (2015, p.55) And on so many levels I do not disagree. If things do not make you happy then we can give you something that will. To which, Russell says, “..when it comes to externalization via disorders and conditions, it’s amazing how many responsibility-absolving diagnoses of kids I see today.” (p.108) There is a chart where he depicts the rising number of children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and it is alarming! For instance, did you know that “…10 percent of American kids ages four to seven, approximately 6.4 million kids, have ADD/ADHD diagnoses.” And that, “What’s more, a majority of those kids are taking prescription medications for their supposed attention deficits…”.

Russell offers his “Prescription For Personal Prosperity”. (2015, p.177) Number one is a given if you ask me, “Don’t commit any crimes”. And in the number and variety of crimes he includes DUI’s. then he goes on to add, “Don’t get addicted to anything”. (p.178) And so on. I’m not going to tell you everything because I want you to read the book!

Advice on how to move from destructive to constructive behavior begins with “…getting your priorities straight.” (2015, p.243) To counting your blessings, which we all ought to do more of. (p.244) To giving thanks and being generous. (p.246) The last thing in this book, Appendix section, is what Doctor Russell terms The Russell Responsibility Rating. (p.251) It’s a three or four page test where you rate your behavior/decisions. Try it you might find the results interesting!