Author: Lisa A. Shiel
Publisher: Slipdown Mountain Publications LLC
ISBN: 978-1-934631-30-0

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Evolution is an issue that causes everyone to jump on their soapbox.  Some people believe that it is totally true and anyone else is crazy.  Others believe that God created the world and anyone who says otherwise is a heretic. The rest of us straddle the fence, unable to decide and not wanting to offend the two militant parties.

Lisa Shiel is willing to question the scientists.  She believes that evolution is not the well proven fact scientists insist it is.  In reality, evolution doesn’t even rate the title of theory. Scientists treat the public as if they are too ignorant to understand the arguments and don’t rate the effort to impart the truth.  Shiel says anyone can understand the arguments, but they are not sound enough to be convincing.

This book starts the argument at the very beginning, how did life begin?  After proving scientists don’t actually know, she moves on to evolution, looking for proof.  While Darwin gave us his book, The Origin of Species,, Shiel reminds us scientists don’t have the right to call evolution a theory, because it fails all the tests a theory must pass.   For example, it can not be reproduced and observed in a lab and theories must be testable.

The book then takes us to the study of the first humans and points out that so little of the skeleton is found, the majority of the final image is the conjecture of the scientists.  Also, even the so-called experts can’t decide the exact evolution of humans or even how many species or sub-species are between apes and humans.

 I enjoyed this book a great deal.  I’m a writer, so advanced biology is way out of my league.  However, Lisa Shiel makes the most difficult issues easy to comprehend.  She explains the myriad of complex words, even providing the average Joe a glossary with useful definitions.

 The Evolution Conspiracy gives us a knowledgeable person in Lisa Shiel, willing to present an educated alternative argument.  Even though many of us have doubts, we don’t know enough of the workings of the science of evolution to give intelligent arguments.  Shiel takes each of the ‘facts’ and with her own set of facts tears apart the castles in the air.

 This book also voices the concerns many of us wonder about by silence.  For example I’ve always wondered, if humans evolved  from apes, why aren’t there beings that are between humans and apes?  Apes exist and humans exist, but no middle man walks the earth today.  I speak for many when I say that I want some more proof  This book is a delight because it encourages questioning and urges readers to think for themselves.  Evolution has been taught so much in schools, we don’t think we have a right to ask questions or disagree.  Shiel reminds us that we can question, and we should.

 Click Here To Purchase The Evolution Conspiracy: Exposing Life's Inexplicable Origins & the Cult of Darwin