Author: T.L.Clark   

Publisher: T.L.Clark 2015



This is a book that attempts to explore the effects of habitual and prolonged incest and how the tenor of normal circumstances conspire to heal her wounds and ultimately find love. When Deborah and Dean meet in a pub, they sense a strong sexual attraction. They get married and give birth to a girl they call Tina. Gradually, due to economic pressures, Dean is laid off from work and Deborah gets to work instead. Their sex life wanes and Dean, being at home, turns to Tina to satiate his amorous appetite.

Tina, doesn’t understand what she  has gone into until she is imparted sex education at school. That is when the dam of suppressed emotion bursts. Her teachers at school intervene and her father is arrested. Tina is forced to see her hitherto loving father in a new light, the way society views him.

Tina returns to school but has difficulty getting over her shame over her past and allow the legitimate sexual contact normal for her age. She goes on to University and after a few failed attempts, finds a kindred soul in a guy called Frank who is learning art and is gay to boot. Tina and Frank can safely share with each other, the enormity of the shame they experienced from their sexual past, help each other to overcome past memories and move on to  find suitable mates.

The author likes to explore the theme of love in her books. In this book, her intention appears to be explore the psyche of a good looking young girl who is a victim of incest through the window of a close platonic friendship with another man, also browbeaten and abused in his own family due to his sexual preference. Once these two come close enough and give each other enough leeway to heal their past wounds, circumstances contrive to settle matters through close friends within their immediate circle. The issue of healing, especially sexual healing has been dealt with in detail, with highly descriptive sex scenes. This also applies to the scenes involving incest.

This book has been written with a view to supporting and rehabilitating victims of incest, to show that they can also live a normal life and not need to hide themselves within cocoons of fear and shame. In my opinion, she succeeds in this endeavour, even though some portions of the text can appear a tad contrived. Otherwise, the prose is fast paced and eminently plausible, suitable for a quick read on a sultry summer afternoon.

The proceedings from the sale of this book will go to an organization that helps incest victims to come to terms with their own sexuality.

Recommended with 4 stars out of five.