Author: Miranda N. Prather
Illustrator: Hayley Mullins
Publisher: Shoo-Fly View Publications
ISBN: 978-0-692-56888-0

You are always a winner if you believe. Just put on your cape and let’s see what we can achieve,” Miranda N. Prather writes in the ending of her children’s book, Blue Blue Sea Finds His Cape.

This thirty-two-page over-sized paperback targets children ages three to seven years old who enjoy stories about horses and overcoming obstacles. With no scary scenes except for illness, the story about a horse is told in rhyme. The simplistic, colorful paintings grace the pages, following with the storyline.

In this short tale, a racing horse named Blue Blue Sea desires to win and does all he can, but after five years, he still has not won a race. He is sold to a young girl who works with him often and encourages him. The day he is to perform again, he becomes sick. Later the horse realizes he can help others in a different way.

While explaining a little about horse racing and the life of a Thoroughbred, the story also promotes trying to reach a goal, but when it is not met, better alternatives and opportunities arise. Although a little sad, it shows how to turn a bad thing into a way of helping others with the same issues.

Due to complicated two- and three- syllable words, the book needs to be read out loud to beginner readers. Some words such as separately, unthinkable, friendships, and Thoroughbred may need to be explained to young readers.

Horse lover at a young age, Prather has written and published short stories and poems. This is her first published book. Mullins is a self-taught illustrator who started drawing at an early age and has created several art pieces related to the horse racing and athletic industry.

When children’s books are written, they should contain no punctuation, grammar, or spelling errors. The rating has been marked down a half point due to the book containing several errors that may teach young ones incorrect writing habits.

If your child is a horse lover and loves stories of horse racing and the life of a racehorse afterward, this may be a good selection for him or her.

Thanks to Bookpleasures for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on my unbiased, honest opinion.

David: Thank you Norm. Many thanks!