Author: Joanne Fink

Publisher: Design Originals; Clr edition

ISBN: 978-1-57421-870-1

Adult colouring books are the latest book craze!  They rank sixth of the top ten bestselling internet books and ninth of the top ten most-wished-for books!  Creators of adult colouring books are responding to the cry for peace in our increasingly anxiety-producing and chaotic world where words like ‘terrorist attack’ not only infiltrate the airwaves, newspapers, social media, but conversations and psyches as well, creating sleepless nights, chronic ill health, emotional distress and more. 

While meditation/mindfulness techniques have been touted as bringing a sense of inner calm, quiet, relaxation and wellness, not everyone finds such techniques to be easy to do or comforting.  Over the years, knitting, painting, zendoodling/tangling, drawing, woodcarving, etc. have surfaced to meet the cry for relaxation techniques. 

And now, adult colouring books have joined the response offering more than simply relaxation possibilities.  They provide an opportunity for the reader to return to the playtime of childhood; become more aware of the ability to be artistic that a blank page/canvas cannot create; quiet one’s inner negative voice; connect with feelings; and stimulate the  creative nature and imagination in new ways.

Not surprisingly, there is a plethora of colouring books on the market. Some are ‘good’; some are not. Several things make lettering artist, illustrator and author Joanne Fink’s “Zenspiration©” books ‘great’ and different from others e.g.:

  • thematic content of her various adult colouring books i.e. “Flowers,” “Birds & Butterflies”

  • spiritual connections i.e. “Expressions of Faith”;“Designs to Feed Your  Spirt”;“Color Peace”; “L’Chaim:Celebrate Life”

  • intentional design i.e.“Abstract & Geometric Designs”; “Letters & Patterning” with others on the way

  • invitation to readers (through her blog) to embellish and interpret the black and white illustrations (many of which are later incorporated into her books with accreditation) suggesting possible ways readers can play with the original images.

Added to the breadth of content, spiritual connection and design in all of her adult colouring books, and delightfully so in her Zenspirations© “Birds and Butterflies” (part of the “*Create *Color *Pattern *Play!” series), Fink begins with an illustrated and easy-to-follow tutorial, gently encouraging newcomer and experienced colouring-artist alike. The tear-out pages are great for left-handers and her inspirational and often whimsical designs are a delight. Her full-page black and white designs are printed on quality perforated paper for easy removal, photocopying, colouring and embellishment a limitless number of times.  While her designs can simply be coloured, the author leaves space and opportunity to readers who want to embellish her original design with patterning, text, lettering, mediums, inviting readers to make art!    All of these combine to make her adult colouring books outstanding!   

Kudos to Joanne Fink for creating something new and innovative in a market that is overflowing with the “same-old, same-old” approach to adult colouring books!