Author: Dolores Cannon

Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing
ISBN: 9781940265292

                                                          Multifaceted Consciousness

Reading this book by Dolores Cannon made me realize how appropriately the title Convoluted Universe fits in with its contents. It would be hard to find more “convoluted” life experiences than those that are featured in this book. Words seem totally inadequate when confronted by the gestalts reported in this book

If one is to find a common theme in this book, it is the uncovering of the life purpose of the individual through a meaningful contact with his/her Higher Self. Culling this information has been an ongoing theme in the earlier books in the series called “The Convoluted Universe” but in this book, the need to do so is more imperative than ever before. The information is very specific and would be hard, if not impossible to glean from the individual’s present life experience  alone. The reason is that conventional ecumenical values do not hold when confronting the effects of all the previous lifetimes. This is why Dolores Cannon’s  experiences with her clients are so unpredictable, because most of us readers define ourselves through well- intentioned societal values, and even the most diehard of atheists cannot conceive the vista of the exigencies of consciousness, where development is concerned.  Dolores Cannon’s books are so popular for this very reason, she presents her findings from the source as she  finds it without questioning their validity through filters conjured up by the mind. So her clients under hypnosis could experience lifetimes as diverse as a column of stone, a part of an amorphous cloud, a salamander, a mermaid (yes, it seems as if they exist on this planet), a seeker seeking to experience being pure energy, a gladiator- turned - writer in a later lifetime, among others, some with vastly superior technologies than we possess today. After hypnosis, many of the clients experienced a total healing of their physical bodies , as essential information pertaining to the purpose of the present incarnation had been disclosed and the energies of the present lifetime could be channeled to a fast track evolution as many backdrop issues are cleared away.

All this is exemplified in Dolores’ quote that is highlighted in this book “We have all the answers. We just need to allow ourselves the right questions.”

Another aspect to this book that is common to many of the experiences recorded in it, is that of the many changes that are coming to our planet and how many souls from other worlds and galaxies are answering a call from above (wherever that is) to help. It is clear from the many sessions recorded in this book that the Earth is changing and the frequency of human beings is being amplified considerably. Many of the souls that have volunteered to come here today are facing painful health issues and/or depression for their bodies/minds are not designed to deal with these unfamiliar energies, not least because all memories of the past have been erased at birth and one has to start anew.  This is where the Higher Self of the individual comes in during the session, to clear up dormant issues and attune the individual’s body to a more appropriately tuned degree of consciousness, commensurate with the changed scenario on our planet.

Apart from the features mentioned above, it is fascinating to read about how we as a  species interact with others not of our kind and the kind of adjustments required to sustain a dialogue with the latter. The role of karma and how it is possible to sidestep its negative aspects is taken up in some detail. We also learn that the sun is a massive star gate and not as hot as we believe it to be. We learn of souls with physical bodies letting other souls come into them in order to help ground more energy while they wait in the wings and observe. There is a detailed mention of the backdrop people, of the concomitant changes in the Universe, prompted by the changes leading to the New Earth. There is a chapter on how everybody has a motherboard which is the default overlay of tiny electric currents involving the DNA that keeps the person going and define what s/he is supposed to do in this lifetime. There is also a mention of Creator light beings that can create planets using holographic symbols. The ultimate goal for all is to realize that we can do everything we think about and succeed, thus reclaiming our innate divine power.

This is a book to be read and reread to absorb its amazing import, one sitting is not enough.

Warmly recommended.