Author: Mr. Pat
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN 978-1-4389-6109-5

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Mr. Pat (not his real name), author of The Apostate Theory, weaves an intriguing tale of nuclear espionage and terror that traverses from Afghanistan thru Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, to Iran, to the Canary Islands toward the coast of Africa, the Bahamas, and finally the United States. The story begins at, or just prior to, the election of President Obama to the presidency of the USA and continues until about one year into that presidency. The story closely mirrors his central themes spoken to the people on the campaign trail. Emphasis is placed on how those policies affect us and the world, especially the world’s Muslim population.  

According to the ‘Authors Note’ “Islamic/Muslim law does not allow a person to choose a religion.” (para.1) And [paraphrase]to not accept the religious heritage of one’s father, under Islam, is considered apostasy and is punishable by death. (para.2) A major portion of the plot of this book (through the eyes of the Jihadists) hinges on this premise; because President Obamas’ father was Muslim and he is Christian (renouncing his Muslim heritage) he must die.  

There are many characters in this book including the Lion Sheik, which is Osama Bin Laden and many of his loyal followers who are willing to effectuate Jihad against those considered infidels in order to enjoy the afterlife. They are well financed, well infiltrated around the globe, and willing to die for their cause. According to this proposed Apostate theory they (Islamic extremists) are seeing increasing numbers of members because of the election of our ‘Apostate’ to the office of President of the USA. 

The lead female heroine, Ayeza, is a woman of Afghan birth. She was a child bride married to an evil man by the name of Faisel who had her stoned when he found out she had not been circumcised. She was broken, beaten, and rescued by American troops who spirited her away to live with a Colonel and his wife in Germany.    

Broken bones and bruises eventually heal. Ayeza still misses her family in Afghanistan, but know she can never return. She wraps herself up in becoming proficient in martial arts, multi-linguistic, skydiving, and teaching others to do the same. She renounces Islam for Christianity and begins operating as a civilian volunteer for covert operations in the Middle East and elsewhere.  

Later Ayeza finds out that most of her natural family was killed by her husband Faisel and those that were not are working in Pakistan for a nuclear facility. The American government needs proof that Pakistan is working toward becoming nuclear and are short on personnel who are familiar with the region, customs, language, and people. This is a dangerous duty. She volunteers to help. It is too dangerous for Ayeza to travel alone in that region. Through her mentor she meets another covert operative working for the CIA by the name of Antonio. Antonio is handsome, recently single (his partner died a year before in another covert operation that went awry), well versed in Middle Eastern affairs, and fluent in Arabic. Ayeza and Antonio team up to locate the suspected nuclear cores. 

Ayeza’s uncle, Wahid, has taken four of eight nuclear cores from his job site in hopes of shifting them over to Ayeza and Antonio to use as proof positive of Pakistan’s nuclear ambitions. Four made it to their logical end---the storage facility. Wahid was duped and all except one core, of his four, have been passed along in secret passages snaking their way toward the USA. This whole plan is black bag. The Pakistani government is admitting nothing is amiss even though they are certain it is otherwise. The trail is not easy to follow because the crafty Jihadists are cautious in disguising and disposing of the nukes by separating them in their journey.  

Large foreign flagged yachts, submersibles, and other commercial vessels help get the nukes close to their intended targets. Unwitting members of congress are propped as foils that help the savvy Jihadists to keep their cover. Will Ayeza and Antonio be successful in locating the missing nukes?

This action packed novel is extremely well-written and researched. The author, Mr. Pat, crafts a believable tale that is a real page turner. I could barely put it down and was actually sad to have it end. I believe it would make a wonderful addition to any personal library and highly recommend reading it. 

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