Author: Stan Reynolds

ISBN: 9781514279540

Is there an uncomplicated strategy that exists that will help you to solve problems and achieve your goals? Stan Reynolds, author of How to Do the Impossible And a Whole Lot More firmly believes one exists if you use his strategy of mnemonics as well as his intuitive management system. In addition, by adopting the principles enunciated in the book and with the help of a tool called the Logic Die™ you will be able to unlock your full potential and achieve greater levels of productivity both personally and professionally.

For those readers not familiar with the term mnemonics, briefly, these are memory devices that help people recall larger pieces of information, especially in the form of lists like characteristics, steps, stages, parts, phases etc. These devices are not new with some dating back to ancient Greece. Included is the method of loci where you imagine a familiar place, for example a route you take to your work or school, with landmarks along the way becoming the information you need to memorize. Another is the use of an acronym that is formed from the first letters in a name or phrase and then there are rhymes that I am sure we all remember such as “ In fourteen hundred and ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”

With his Logic Die™, Reynolds has now introduced another one that is quite unique which consists of a cognitive processing tool that provides you with an easy to use, piecemeal system to follow when resolving your problems and planning your goals. The strategy can be applied to various issues as reducing stress, losing weight, quit smoking, getting into shape, closing business deals, increasing your earning potential, strengthening relationships, and many more. The tool that will help you attain your goals is a die (singular for dice) which is a small cube marked on each side with one to six pips and generally used in games of chance and gambling. Reynolds has cleverly devised a system of thinking wherein each side is used as triggers to remember steps that will help individuals in their decision making process. For example, six is the highest number visible on the die and this represents our highest or best. Consequently, to be truly successful at anything we should always commit ourselves to doing our best. The system is intuitive, easy to learn and utilizes basic on common sense, thus making it a great tool that provides a systematic approach to making choices. As Reynolds points out, when you make choices, you alone are in charge as you are directing and controlling your circumstances.

Probably, you are saying to yourself, not another self-help book! Reynolds points out that unlike most self-help programs that expect us to stop our daily routines and dedicate a great deal of time to apply their plans, his system utilizes short thinking period that are often conducted on the fly. He refers to this concept as Brain Time. ™

The book divides itself into two parts, the first of which deals with the preliminary foundation for developing an understanding of mnemonic cognition training wherein each chapter comprises important lessons to build upon. The second part is the applicability of the principles and the actual mnemonic cognition training with lessons related to its seven sides (six outside sides and one inside side) and its eight points (when three sides come together forming a point). Reynolds informs his readers that the eight points reveal teachings that all start with the letter “P” and he uses words like “Planning”, “Priorities”, “Purpose,” and “Persistence.”

What I liked about this book, other than the fact that it was unique and creative, was Reynolds's ability to make his readers believe they were in a relationship by permitting them to feel confident that his techniques will be helpful. Incidentally, I did experiment with the die in resolving one of my issues. His book provides a system that is easy to use, makes you feel that there is hope for you, illustrates that he understands what most of us have to deal with in our daily lives, and above all gets you to commit to working with the book giving you sage advice along the way. In addition, concrete examples are presented of actual cases that have succeeded with his systematic approach. As for the writing, it is clear and precise and you never feel that you cannot possibly handle the material.

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