Authors: Brian Tracy and Christina Stein

Publisher: Barrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-626-56572-2

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Brian Tracy, author of Find You Balance Point, is a noteworthy speaker and seminar leader in his area of expertise. (2015, inside back cover) He is CEO of Brian Tracy International where he speaks before 250,000 plus people each year. Mr. Tracy has penned more than fifty books that have been translated into numerous languages around the globe.

Co-author, Christina Stein, is a psychotherapist with concentration in marriage and family therapy, author and speaker who devotes her talents to the work-life balance and female enablement. (2015, inside back cover) She holds workshops where people can learn how to prioritize items and tasks in the lives such that they are able to achieve their goals and live life to its fullest.

The Introduction of this book opens with the adage of “Too much to do, too little time.” Author Tracy and Stein state that “When you start to live your life in balance as the very best person you could possibly be, you will enjoy the happiness you deserve and experience harmony among all the elements that make up a successful life for you…”. Furthermore, no two people go about balance the same way. (paraphrase) And if you can experience you balance you can obtain the most clarity and promise to fulfill your passions.

Chapter One is about examining your values and beginning from the right perspective. (2015, p.11) “Everything happens for a reason. Success and happiness are not accidents.” By the same token neither are failure and lack of achievement. To begin one must understand what values are and these authors say that is “…the core of your character and your personality.” And that they, values, “…determine who you are and who you are not…”. (p.12) They also invite the reader to consider self-concept. (p.13) Which they say are, “…your bundle of beliefs and ideas about yourself and your world.” There are probing questions that the reader should respond to so they can effectively follow the examples and action exercises set forth in each chapter.

In chapter two readers can try to understand what has held them back from achievement of goals, etc.. Some of the top items are, “Negative emotions, unhappiness, and discontent of any kind…”. (2015, p.27) The path forward means that you should consider the following “Living by your values is absolutely essential for success,…”. (p.28)

Chapter three is a very good read. It hinges on creating a vision and being powerful. The authors ask this question and please think about it seriously. “If your life were ideal, what would it look like? How would it be different from your life as it is today?”. (2015, p.35) I cannot imagine a better question to help one move into a positive force forward. Advice from the authors is that, “…the greatest discovery in human history is that you become what you think about most of the time.”. (p,36) Therefore, make your thoughts count!

I do not want to give away all of the secrets of this book, but I enjoyed the read and really contemplated the questions these authors posed. I believe you will too!