Authors: Alexa Fleckenstein and  Roanne Weisman
ISBN: 10: 0071474994:    ISBN:13: 978-0071474993

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I was at first fooled by the title of this book.  I thought that Dr. Alexa Fleckenstein would be touting the drinking of water, its consumption, as a therapy, much the same as the well known Iranian doctor, Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj.  But any mistake on this was purely my own!  While Dr. Batmanghelidj recommends drinking lots of water, Dr. Fleckenstein recommends bathing in it!

Dr. Alexa Fleckenstein is a medical doctor who, after her professional training and internship in Hamburg, went on to study European natural medicine.  Much of this knowledge of traditional medicine that Dr. Fleckenstein gained was centered around the baths in southern Germany and the writings of one sage from the 19th century, Sebastian Kneipp.  Kneipp was raised as a poor farm boy but later became a seminary student in Dillingen (Bavaria).  While at the seminary he became ill and it was determined that he had tuberculosis.  As a poor seminarian Kneipp became desperate to find the cure to this often terminal disease.  He poured over ancient German texts and cures of old until gradually he discovered his way to health, and it was mainly through water therapy.  Kneipp diligently wrote all of these treatments down.  And it was here that a century-and-a-half later Dr. Alexa Fleckenstein discovered many of her own treatments.

The book shows how with just using water we can alter our health.  Dr. Fleckenstein shows us the many ways we can turn our bathroom into our own spa using cold showers, hot showers, cold shower gushes, head dunks, arms dunks and many other treatments to ward off or help heal many physical maladies.  There was actually one great example in the book where Dr. Fleckenstein points out that she had a sinus problem that would not go away so she went to a specialist in the Boston area who ultimately recommended an operation.  After having refused the operation the specialist confided that Dr. Fleckenstein could likely treat her condition with an old remedy of basically snorting salt water into the sinus cavity and then spitting out the water when it flushed back into her mouth.  As terribly gross and painful to hear it, Dr. Fleckenstein reported that it actually cured her condition and she now does this regularly when she has sinus problems.  I had always known that salt water was good for throat and tonsil ailments – why not sinuses?

Since I have read Dr. Fleckenstein’s book I have been taking cold showers, doing arm dunks, cold water gushes after warm showers and also doing the cold water mouth rinse.  I have to say in the short-term I have seen some good results.  Unfortunately, I haven’t gone as far as Dr. Fleckenstein has advised.  I have not bought any of the herbs to bathe in, etc., as I have not always been so committed to this type of therapy but I will say that I am a whole lot closer to it after reading this book.

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