Follow Here To Purchase Dragons and Hot Sauce: And Other Imaginations

Author: Mike Moore

Publisher: Independently published through CreateSpace

ISBN-13: 978-1505391398:  ISBN-10: 1505391393

Children poetry often evokes nostalgia in all of us. Each of us still remember the vivid colors and imaginative sketches and the beautiful rhyming sentences which were once a part of our childhood and which made us curious about the world around and fueled our imagination.

Those books and poems were part of our universe and made us see this world differently and that is what as a reviewer one would feel when he gets to read this colorful work.

This is a book that one can read to the kids at the bed time and it is designed to capture hearts in the very first glance; yes, the cover itself is very beautiful!

The vocabulary of the book is simple and innocent and it has excellent rhyming sentences with beautiful illustrations which makes it a must have for young parents.

Therefore, one plus point of this book is the vocabulary, which is fresh and soothing, and it is this quality that makes it great for young minds.

These days, one major issue with parents is finding quality literature free from words or imagery with dual meanings or allegories. Such are often found in the children books these days and have the potential to ruin the book reading experience for the child.

Fortunately, such is not the case with this book, and the writer has kept the innocence quotient high but this does not mean that the book lacks on humor; read ‘Princess Polly’ or ‘Balloon’ or ‘Detective’ to know why it would appeal to the kids.

The same is the case with the ‘Bedtime’ too which the writer has so sweetly recreated that it is likely that the kids who used to feel scared thinking about monsters under the bed during nighttime would never feel afraid again!

The stories about the animals, the humans, and even the objects in the book take a reader away from the world that we inhabit right now.

The best part about the book is that once a reader starts reading he would perhaps feel transported back in time. But then once the reading is complete, it also evokes a very strong yearning and for any writer, this emotion is a reward in itself, and Mike Moore has successfully been able to do it.

The book is highly recommended for parents and makes for an excellent bed-time companion or a gift option for children. Try this one for sure, at least once!