Author's Name: Ellen Nibali
ISBN number: 978-0-9818154-0-4
Publisher: Fairland Books

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The secret of St. Nicholas is a true heroic tale for Christmas. A classic story that not only gives you a better understanding of Santa Claus and St. Nicholas, but it also demonstrates what it has to do with Jesus and how the whole Christmas tradition evolved.

The story is captivating and the detailed artwork is remarkable! A must read for all ages.

 The tale starts out with a young boy named Nicholas who's fascinated by Christmas. His parents share a story of how the night of wonder began.

 As brave little Nicholas explores his own way into the world, he is reminded of Jesus' words, "Do good deeds in secret." What he decides to do will fill your heart with compassion and love. A truly beautiful story— a perfect book to share with the ones you love.

Can Nicholas save three girls who are about to be sold into slavery?

 A classic for future generations.

 Author, Ellen Nibali works as a horticultural consultant for the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service. She loves her job educating and writing about gardening and protecting our environment, especially from non-native invasive plants. Each week her Gardening Q & A column appears in the Sun.

She and her husband Ken have three grandchildren and Maxi, a golden retriever-yellow Labrador retriever who, coincidentally, looks just like the dog in The Secret of St. Nicholas!  

Illustrator, Lon Eric Craven lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with his wife and three children. He has illustrated and designed for newspapers, children's books, English language curriculum, story books, quilt books, calendars and a Scholastic magazine. He has a BFA in illustration from the University of Kansas and a Master’s degree in education from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He currently divides his time between illustrating, designing and teaching.

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