Follow Here To Purchase Epigenetics: The Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission

Author: Joel Wallach, Ma Lin, Gerhard Schrauzer

Publisher: Select Books

ISBN: 978-1-59079-149-3

                              A Veritable Tour de Force of the History of Nutritional Medicine

That is how this book must be viewed. It is a tour de force of how the evolving paradigms of history have influenced the application of medicine over millennia. It documents how the “dramatic changes in thinking and shifts in beliefs were not quickly and easily accepted by the defenders of the prevailing thought. Careers were derailed and people were jailed and tortured….they were killed by burning at the stake, hanging, the name of defending the truth”. Such an interwoven and evocative compilation of facts falling into a coherent  identifiable structure is rare to find. It is as if one gets a front row seat of the action as the grand movie of Medicine over the Ages unfolds.

This book tracks it all: the path from beliefs in diseases caused by evil spirits to beliefs in alchemy, witchcraft, sorcerers, physicians, the germ theory, the elucidation of the double helix, the mapping of the genome and finally to belief in epigenetics. Despite the voluminous nature of the material, it is a fast and truly enjoyable read. Besides one gets to glimpse the big picture of how different disjointed puzzle bits of history fit together in an easily recognized new framework..

But apart from documenting the evolution of the history of medicinal thought, this book advocates a theory of nutrition, in which all disease is caused by a deficiency of 90 essential nutrients found in the earth’s crust. These results, which are documented in over 75 peer reviewed research papers in prestigious journals, were arrived at after comparing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of sample pathological specimens taken from different animals and compared to similar specimens from human autopsy records. The story of how it began goes as follows: The first author of the book, Dr. Joel Wallach, detected a case of cystic fibrosis while doing an autopsy of a baby rhesus monkey, a disease, hitherto believed to be restricted to humans alone and transmitted genetically. (Cystic fibrosis is now considered as being a result of a selenium deficiency). The result of this and other investigations led to the formulation of the science of epigenetics which decries the genetic theory of disease transmission, emphasizing instead on the value of nutrition and correcting dietary deficiencies. For airing these views, Dr. Joel Wallach was subjected to a vicious witch hunt, during a very vulnerable period of his life, when he was facing a personal loss. That story and the author’s emergence from the ordeal, stronger than ever, has been recorded in the main text of this book, and the reading of which imparts a sense of history repeating itself, a deja vu scenario.

The last three chapters deal with the physical implementation of Dr. Wallach’s research with his co author Dr. Ma Lin. First, the authors take up a number of common diseases e.g. Type 2 diabetes, that can be prevented by simple epigenetic procedures. A complete list of minerals in the earth’s crust, their effect on the human body and the ill effects that could arise from their deficiency is provided. The same is done for the essential nutrients that are required by the human body.

The last chapter contains a short comparative study of epigenetics procedures viz.a viz, the Chinese and the Indian systems of medicine.

I reiterate, this book is a fast and content filled read. it is intended to help you to take charge of your own physical health and to make you independent of overmedication and overglorified medical shibboleths.

Strongly recommended.