Follow Here To Purchase Stronger: Develop the Resilience You Need to Succeed

Authors: George Everly Jr, Douglas Strouse, and Dennis McCormack,

Publisher: American Management Association

ISBN: 978-0-8144-3604-2

All three authors of Stronger hold PhD’s. Doctor Everly teaches at John Hopkins University School of Medicine and Loyola University. (2015, inside back cover) He is a professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Professor of Psychology. He is a front runner in the area of modern stress management and human resilience. Previously he consulted for FEMA, the ATF, the US Marshals, and the FBI National Academy. He resides in Severna, Maryland.

Doctor Strouse founded and is President of the chief Executive Officers Club of Baltimore. (2015, inside back cover) His Doctorate is in Organizational Management and Organizational Psychology. Currently he is the Managing Partner for Wexley Consulting HRD, LLC which is an international management consulting firm. He resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

Doctor McCormack was an original Navy SEAL and helped to develop the combat doctrine and tactics that were used in Vietnam. (2015, inside back cover) His Doctorate is in Leadership and Human Behavior. Currently he is a professional psychologist living in San Diego, California.

Obviously these three authors are educated and have a lot of expertise on the topic of Management. In the Preface (2015) they state that “Millions around the globe can benefit from this form of human resilience that we call psychological body armor. And after reading this book I do not disagree.

Chapter 1 (2015, p.1) is titled Active Optimism And The Self-fulfilling Prophecy. “I stand ready to bring the full spectrum of resources to bear in order to achieve my goals…in the worst conditions…I will not fail.” The authors ask, “…what do these people have that others don’t?” They then go on to define what body armor is. “…body armor, is your ability to bounce back, to pick yourself up and try again, and again and again, until you either succeed or decide on a more productive direction.” (p.2) Furthermore, “Science has shown that not only can you rebound from adversity and trauma, but you can also grow to be better than you ever were.” There are five qualifiers for their personal resilience and those are as follows: Active Optimism, Decisive Action, Moral Compass, Relentless Tenacity, and Interpersonal Support. Each chapter has a self-assessment where the reader can peruse a variety of questions to see where their particular skills and mind lie, as well as, where they can improve.

The book is arranged as a chapter per qualifier. For instance, under Active Optimism they state that “The most powerful source of active optimism appears to be the experience of success itself. Success begets success.” (2015, p.24) They suggest that we “Allow yourself to have success, even if it is a small success at first.” (p.32)

Today’s economic landscape requires each of us to be resilient. The authors of Stronger have created a template for anyone who wants to to try to develop the skills and tools to navigate the new employment world with a renewed sense of self determination and hope. I enjoyed it and learned a lot and I believe you will too!