Follow Here To Purchase Avalon: a Heartwarming True Cat Story

Author: Vanessa Morgan
Publisher: Vanessa Morgan
ISBN: 978-1-511863636

Avalon behaved as if he was the chosen one. Everything and everyone belonged to him, and with his aggressive character and impressive ten kilos, no one dared to say anything else,” Vanessa Morgan writes about her beloved cat in her book, Avalon: A Heartwarming True Cat Story.

This one hundred and six page paperback targets those who enjoy a tender story about one pet owner’s cat. Using no profanity or sexual content, topics of depression, illness, and death may not be appropriate for immature readers. An author’s note, list of written works, and dedication are at the beginning of the book.

As a tribute to her well-loved cat, Morgan writes a memoir that shows her love, dedication, and obsession with her favored animal. To the point of avoiding human contact and communication, she finds solace, joy, and companionship over a twelve year period with a territorial feline that constantly demands her attention.

Living with a boyfriend in Brussels, one day the two find a stray Turkish Van cat, a rare beautiful breed that has white long hair with ginger patches and green eyes. Taking him home, they try to find his owner to no avail. Having two other cats and a guinea pig at home makes life challenging not only for the dominating Avalon, but his incessant need for Morgan’s undivided presence breaks up the humans’ relationship.

Moving to a new apartment, Morgan and her feline friend fall further in love. As the writer bares her childhood of physical, verbal, and mental abuse that leaves her feeling unworthy and unwanted, she relates more to her pet than others. With both woman and cat yearning for loyalty, they find a sense of oneness, even when a new boyfriend enters the picture.

While the book has one woman’s personal journey of both obsession and acceptance being blessed a dozen years with her animal friend, its main focus is the strong bond between a cat lover and an often unruly, self-absorbed cat who demands respect and attention.

With no biography included, the book mentions the author has written one novel, one short story, and three screenplays. Living in Belgium, she enjoys reading, blogging, watching horror movies, and taking photographs of felines. The cover design is by Gilles Vranckx.

Thanks to the author and Bookpleasures for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.