Author: F. Barton Davis
Publisher: Magi Media Publications
ISBN: 978-0-9819502-1-1

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If possible I like to get a feel for the person behind the book prior to reviewing their work. Mr. Davis, author of Shadow Dancers, seemed to be a warm, intuitive, and charming individual from the brief conversations we had leading up to my review. I was especially looking forward to this review because recently I had read two other books of similar, not exact, topics. One by Greg Iles titled The Footprints of God and the other by Dean Koontz titled Twilight Eyes. Both were great reads as one might expect from great authors. As you will soon conclude so was/is Shadow Dancers and I can easily see Mr. Davis taking the center stage next two these two.  

From the first page of Shadow Dancers I was hooked and could not put it down. Mr. Davis weaves an incredible tale where black and white, good and evil, heaven and hell, God and Satan, mythology and religion, love and hate, war and peace, history and current events combine and intertwine. His eloquently written descriptions of the ‘gray zone’, which is where these images gel and actually take on a life of their own, as well as, the characters’ personalities, traits, and special abilities, which are so real that you can practically reach out and touch them, smell them, and feel them. To say this is a classic fight between good and evil would be to short sell this book because it is so much more.  

The main character Brooks is capable of teleportation, telepathy, keen and very specialized fighting skills, incredible strength and prowess, intense loyalty, deep and abiding love, spirituality and the ability to self-heal, and the diffusion of great hope to his lifelong followers and new recruits. He can select between being in human form or invisible as he travels great distances around and within the world and beyond. Many of his superior and gifted skills have been developed and honed over thousands of years or lifetimes making him a multi-faceted man in all respects. He is both, ancient and contemporary, real and surreal.  

Brooks once served himself, even though he was ‘special’, and indulged in all that gave him pleasure. He once loved a single woman intensely and as this story unfolds he may have found her again. She was his life partner, a goddess, and had been with him throughout many lives. He misses her and is lonely for the love that they shared. He has selected to deny himself that happiness and love in order to follow his chosen purpose. That purpose is to serve God as a watcher over mankind/womankind.  

Brooks’ nemesis’ is a group of God-like/Devil-like characters who have sold their souls for what they believe will be eternal life and the chance to rule/manipulate mankind/womankind. These are exceptionally powerful personalities in their own right with skills that match, and/or exceed, those of Brooks. These beings are very gifted at making the wrong choice appear as if it is right, masters of manipulation and deception. Theirs is a fight to see who will reign supreme. 

The book is a complex struggle between choices and life paths. It is a powerful tale about the dance(s) between the shadows that differentiate night and day, right and wrong. This book will change the way you look at life and cause you to question the choices/paths we each choose to make or take. Shadow Dancers is incredibly well written. The plot is executed such that there can be (and are planned according to F. Barton Davis himself) consecutive stories about future struggles between these groups of warring factions. I strongly recommend reading this book!

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