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Author: Eve Silver

ISBN: 0446618934

Publisher: Forever, (Hachette Book Group)


Eve Silver is a best-selling author, with this book, Demon’s Hunger, following her title, Demon’s Kiss. Eve Silver holds two post secondary degrees. She teaches microbiology and human anatomy at a local college. After school she returns to romance, having found her own happily-ever-after with her husband and two sons.

Forensic anthropologist, Vivien Cairn, has come to the conclusion that she is losing her mind. Her sex drive is off the charts and she’s blacking out; losing chunks of time with no memory of where or what she was doing. While examining one of many charm gris-gris bags, Vivien finds herself being rescued from a demon attack by a very sexy stranger, forcing her to question her sanity and what she always saw as reality. It was Dain Hawkins job to protect the wall between the human and demon realms, along with the Compact of Sorcerers known as the brotherhood. Torn between a seeded desire for Vivien and an ancient duty, Sorcerer Dain suspects that Vivien’s mysterious symptoms are in connection to a series of murderous crimes. Can he save her from the evil that threatens to claim her? Better yet, should he?

I was a little put off by the immediate lust and sex drive when related to Vivien in the beginning of the book, as I found it unrealistic even for paranormal. After getting into the story and closer to chapter three, I quickly saw why and where it was going, and changed my mind. I mention this only because I don’t want future readers to come to the same conclusion to brashly. I do believe that this book is the second in a series, however I had no difficulty picking it up and following the story. I love trilogy books or series books that give you closure and still prelude the next one. It makes for a very satisfying experience.

Eve Silver is just emerging into the paranormal romance scene, but I have no hesitation in stating that this is not the last we will see of her. She skillfully throws you into a world beyond possibilities and makes you believe it’s reality- taking you away from everything but the pages you’re captivated by and the characters you want to be. It was a very sound plot, with enough twists and questions to keep you glued. I didn’t find any dead spots and I found the first and secondary characters relatable.

Demon’s Hunger, by Eve Silver, is a tantalizing, dark, and magically fun read… sure to leave you satisfied in every way.

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