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Author: Matt Coyle
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
ISBN: 9781608091492

Wanting to do more than just spy on errant husbands and wives private investigator Rick Cahill takes on a dangerous but real challenge. Noted for his ability to catch cheating husbands and wives in compromising positions and photographing them for his clients, he no longer gets a real charge out of doing this type of work. Wanting to move ahead and do something more worth while he accepts an offer from a seasoned lawyer who wants to enlist his skills and help to free a convicted killer. Randall Eddington is the teenage heir to the Eddington Golf Fortune and has been convicted of the horrific murders of his entire family. However, his grandparents will spare no expense and feel that he was unjustly arrested and sentenced and wants Rick to find a way to clear his name and set him free.

Smart, astute and not easily taken in by what he sees or hears Rick hesitates to accept the case until he is positive that the new evidence and witness that claims he knows who committed the murder is telling the truth. Information comes to light and he goes up against not only his present boss at La Jolla Investigations and who seems determined to keep him doing the same job with no reprieve in sight, but the Chief of Police, the witness that is supposedly supplying him with the facts and the information to get a new trial, a dangerous and deadly motorcycle gang called the Raptors and  his grandparents that hired him from the start. Rick decides to go ahead with this own style of investigation and what he uncovers will put not only him but  also others in grave danger. With his boss on his back, his job once again on the line and a young man’s life hanging in the balance, the question is did Randall kill his family? Did someone cover it up? Did  Rick really kill his wife as the author flashes back to her funeral, Colleen’s family’s reaction to his presence and the fact that he spends many hours filled with Night Tremors.


Sierra Fellows is definitely covering up for her brother Trey and not telling Rick where he is could endanger not only her but him as well. But, readers will wonder whether she is an accomplice, afraid and what part of in prison boyfriend has to do with Randall, the murder and what happens next. Freed of the murder charge not worried about being retried and a police department whose actions towards Randall will no longer be active author Matt Coyle brings an ending to this explosive novel that you just won’t believe. Who lives? Who gets caught in the crossfire? What happens when Rick learns the truth? What will happen if and when the truth is revealed? Find out when the author pens his the next novel featuring out private investigator. Night Tremors: Will they ever stop haunting Rick?